General Meeting 2021

Trustee Penny Hill - Stitchery Stories with Susan Weeks

Susan Weeks chats with Penny Hill around the issues facing the Embroiderers Guild and the General Meeting to be held on 4th March 2021.

Susan and Penny discuss:

  • The role of the trustees
  • The origins and history of the guild
  • The crisis resulting from falling membership and closing branches
  • The drastic proposals to save the Guild & the collection
  • What will happen to the Branches going forward
  • Looking forward

Notice of General Meeting

Notice is hereby given that a General Meeting (the “Meeting”) of the Embroiderers’ Guild (the “Guild”) is to be held on 4th March 2021 at 11am to consider and vote on the following resolution which will be proposed as an Ordinary Resolution.


The link for the General Meeting will be published here at 9am on 4th March 2021

Please Note: At the time of posting this information over 600 members have advised us of their intention to attend the General Meeting. As would be the case if this number of people (and probably many more) were to meet in a hall or conference room we would need to make sure that the business of the meeting can be conducted effectively and, when invited, participants can ask questions or make statements. The same applies to an on-line meeting.

With this in mind the General Meeting will, in effect, be a real-time webinar. There will be opportunities to ask questions and/or make statements. These will either be addressed as time allows or made available (with answers) in the 24 hours following the meeting. The meeting will be recorded and also be made available on-line.

Explanation Text

Full explanation of the purpose of the General Meeting, The Trustees Proposals and voting information can be found by clicking the button below.



2019/20 have not yet been consolidated and finalised by the auditors.

Q & A

Alternative Solutions

Yes. They sought to minimise the branch closures. Minimising branch closures did not realise enough money and left a workload and associated costs that were not sustainable.

Banking and Finance

We are simply putting all expenditure on hold at a point in time – no funds have been moved out of any accounts. In order to clearly establish the overall current financial of the Guild we need to halt all expenditure at a given point in time as advised by the auditors. We appreciate that this is difficult. The timing of any sudden interruption of a normal process is bound to cause concern and some anger.

Branch Issues


The trustees currently look after the Collection with the help of Guild volunteers and Bucks County Museum conservation specialists. This will continue if the trustees’ proposals are implemented.

General Meeting

Yes. Ultimately, the trustees may be Guild member volunteers but, as trustees, they are accountable for taking the action necessary in the best interests of the charity.

The trustees want to present the situation to members, hear their views on their proposals and, hopefully, gain their support for what is a very difficult situation with no attractive solutions.

If the trustees feel that there is insufficient support they will have to consider that calling in a liquidator as the only other course of action.

Management of the Guild

Quite simply, across all sources of income, HO has experienced either significant or total losses of income in the last 5 years. It has responded with making c.£100,000 in savings to date and will be reducing its costs by a further £150,000 in the next 12 months. An addition, HO has had to invest in the future of the Guild. It also has to pay further costs which did not exist a few years ago (such as software licencing costs).

COVID 19 accelerated these declining factors. Over 1500 members did not renew their subscriptions in recent months. This is unprecedented in the history of the Guild and no one saw the pandemic coming.

Member Questions

Yes, the project for 2021/22 will be published in the near future. Look out for details on TIME.


The current regional structure does not work. It needs to be redesigned. This will happen later this year. We expect to be seeking volunteers to work together to provide regional events. We also be seeking volunteers to form the Council and continue its work, in particular, providing feedback and ideas to enhance the experience of members in the regions.


Experience includes Chairing Oxford branch three times, also Secretary and Programme Secretary. Amanda served as Regional Secretary on two occasions. Amanda has also taken responsibility for the recent Guild projects (Capability Brown, Page 17, 100 Hearts and Home).

Voting Outcomes

The trustees have already considered all the possible options other than put the Guild into the hands of a liquidator. In the event of the resolution being voted down the trustees would have to assess again what is in the best interests of the charity and its primary beneficiary… stitch and textile art. This may be to proceed with the solution put to the members albeit with the support of a minority of the members who voted. They would also further consider the pros and cons of calling in a liquidator.


Any future groups for young people would be the entire responsibility of the host independent stitch group.

Do you have a question that is not listed above?

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When we receive additional questions we will update the Q & A accordingly.