Guild Graduates 2023 – Part One

Each year “Immediate Live” and the Embroiderers’ Guild provide exhibition space and support to a selection of graduates at the Knitting and Stitching Shows in London and Harrogate.

Here we look at three of our seven graduates for 2023.

Sophie Woodfield – “The aim of my graduate collection is to promote British Wool. It was a challenge to source materials that had been grown and made in the United Kingdom. I spent hours researching and contacting businesses to produce this collection, which showed me the importance of highlighting where materials and products are made. I continue to develop my work with sustainability at the forefront with the materials and processes that I use. Ultimately, I would like to work with companies that have a natural and ecological ethos.”

Sophie Woodfield

Beth Somerville – “I was honoured to receive the New Designer of the Year Award and the Wilcom prize for embroidery. These achievements have given me the confidence to embark on a career in digital embroidery. Currently, I am exploring how contemporary embellishment techniques and digital embroidery could be used to repair and up-cycle existing garments as a rebellion from the fast fashion industry.”

Beth Somerville

Olivia Rose Conway – “My graduate collection explores key themes of Femininity, lust, romance and psychological symbolism influenced by contextual research on the Roman myth of Eros and Psyche. The collection was tailored towards intimate wear as I have a love of lingerie and luxury craftsmanship. Using a combination of digital, freehand, and applique embroidery my collection showcases the idea of sculptural silk, as opposed to traditional drapery.”

Olivia Rose Conway

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