Our Regions

The 10 regions of the Guild play a valuable role in supporting the branches within their region and run events each year for members

These events include…

  • Festival Days, generally held in the spring, these one-day events provide an opportunity for members to get together, hear speakers, attend workshops and meet a selection of traders who attend
  • Summer Schools which may be up to three-day events
  • AGMs are held in the autumn. The business of the formal meeting is conducted in the morning. Members have the opportunity to hear about the activities and plans of the region and scrutinise the accounts. These days usually include a range of activities in the afternoon

In addition, regions publish newsletters, e-books and year books.

To learn more about the activities in your region please use the links below to visit their websites. For more information about the Scottish, Yorkshire, West Midlands, South West Regions please email administrator@embroiderersguild.com

North West Region http://www.nwregionembroiderers.org/
North East Region http://www.ner-embroiderers.co.uk/
East Midlands Region http://www.emreg.org.uk/
Eastern Region https://www.embroiderersguildeast.org.uk/
South East Region http://www.southeastembroiderers.co.uk/
South East West Region http://www.sewregionembroiderersguild.com/

For information about the Scottish, Yorkshire & Humberside, West Midlands, and South West Region, please email administrator@embroiderersguild.com.

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