Branch and Regional Activities

Each Embroiderers' Guild branch belongs to one of 10 regions in England, Scotland and Wales. Whilst the branches organise a programme of activities for their members, the regions in turn organise a programme for the members and branches in their region.

We asked our branches to tell us what they felt were some of the attributes of an Embroiderers' Guild branch. The many responses included the following:

  • Warm and friendly atmosphere
  • Laugh and Learn together
  • Varied monthly programme
  • Members happy to assist each other and share experiences
  • Being with like-minded people
  • Members' ideas always welcome
  • Opportunities to exhibit members' work
  • Time to stitch!

Our branches and regions normally plan their programme a year in advance. Of course these will vary from branch to branch, region to region but here is what you may expect

A typical Branch Programme may include:

  • Sessions with an invited Speaker
  • Workshops
  • Participation in exhibitions
  • Trips to places of interest
  • Travelling Books
  • Information on Guild exhibitions
  • Show and Tell sessions
  • Involvement in community projexts from time to time

A typical Regional Programme may include:

  • Festival Days
  • Exhibitions
  • Workshops
  • Summer Schools
  • Regional Days
  • Branch Days
  • Specific Projects

The Chair of our Chesterfield branch recently wrote the following for her branch year end report:

"Another year older … and yes I dare say it, another year wiser!!’. After a very full and interesting year there has been something for everyone in the last year’s programme! Whether you are an experienced embroiderer or a newer member just stepping out on your textile journey we have all benefited from the lively talks and visits we have enjoyed together.

We have been shown felt making, the beauty of hand weaving and been introduced to sewing on dust sheets!! We all enjoyed a journey into the life of Jarvis Mouse and have learned about the history of the Amish people through an amazing collection of quilts. Our programme has inspired us with visits around gardens and entertained us with quotes and the music of Dream a Little Dream to lead us into our next exhibition on gardens. The Travelling books have circulated again and proved a lively experience. Giving us all lots to talk about as we have seen how different members have interpreted the theme and on a less positive note who has the book next?

We once again took part in the Christmas Tree Festival at the Crooked Spire and our tree was greatly admired by everyone. We used the Festival as an opportunity to share with others our skills as embroiderers and to encourage people to have a go at making the decorations for themselves. This proved hugely popular, especially with the children but it was only possible to do this by members kindly giving up their time and I wish to thank you for doing that. The Church have once again allowed us space for a demonstration table this year and I hope as many of you as possible will sign up to help once more.

The Chair finished her report with thanks to the other branch committee members, each one whom contributed enormously to the successful year for the branch.

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