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For some time now, The Guild has been working to set up a Virtual Community for its members. What started as a bold idea has become a reality – a dedicated online space where members can meet, converse, explore, and discover the many aspects of embroidery and the textile arts.

Like any branch, it needs the input of its members – but, unlike most, you are able to visit on any day, and at any time. For those who may have been unable to attend a local branch, ThreadIT provides easy access to our community, enabling them to benefit from the exchange of knowledge, skills and experience that our branches provide.
All are welcome, from tentative beginners, through to lifetime embroiderers, and professional textile artists.

So, what will you find if you join ThreadIT?

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  • A Blog, where we look at techniques and stitches, feature articles about and interviews with textile artists, publish book reviews, discover what branches and other embroidery groups are up to, - oh, and we offer regular workshops, ideas, and projects for you to stitch.
  • A Community space (chat room) where you can share images of your work, talk about your interests, get help with your projects, and generally interact with like-minded people.
  • And a reference Library that includes a Stitch directory, a directory of products and tools, and a directory of techniques. We are considering adding a directory of Threads and fabrics too, although that may be a little further down the line.
  • There is a page of inspirational images (which includes items from the collection) which will be regularly updated, and a gallery where we will be gradually adding artists' portfolios, illustrating the work of textile artists from around the world.
  • The Library provides scans of a number of vintage magazines, patterns, and motifs, drawn from the Guild Collection. This will include early issues of 'Embroidery', and some even earlier magazines such as 'The Embroideress', and 'Fancy Needlework Illustrated'. (The first issue of that was published in 1906!) We intend to scan and load at least one magazine a month, and our blog will regular feature Vintage motifs from either these magazines, or from a collection of iron-on transfers from a similar date.
  • There will also be projects in the blog that draw from these magazines, revisiting designs and motifs and reinterpreting them in contemporary ways.
ThreadIT stitches ThreadITimages ThreadIT images

So, plenty to see, and lots of opportunity to connect with other members, share ideas, be inspired by challenges, learn new skills, or improve your current ones.

Our ThreadIT chat room has a number of groups set up where people can share pictures of their work, talk about their favourite techniques, and discuss the materials and tools that they use. There's also a group where you can post about interesting and inspiring places you've visited, one for general chatter, and a 'Help!' group for those looking for advice, guidance, and solutions to stitching problems.

ThreadIT  Chatroom ThreadIT  Chatroom ThreadIT  Chatroom ThreadIT  Chatroom

Visiting the chat room is the ThreadIT equivalent of the social chat over tea* at any other branch. And, unlike Facebook, we won't be bombarding you with adverts and other distractions.

*ThreadIT tea is a virtual beverage. Members are encouraged to brew their own cup of the real thing before they sit down to logon. That way they will get the full benefit of the experience!

ThreadIT  MembershipClick on the ThreadIT logo for access to the ThreadIT members' room

ThreadIT Stitch DirectoryOne of the features you will find in ThreadIT is our Stitch directory.

We can't claim that it will be comprehensive (there's always one more obscure stitch to be found, and even a few that may not have been invented yet!) But it will be extensive - covering basic embroidery, pulled and drawn thread work, hardanger, canvaswork, and even smocking stiches.

We're still in the process of loading it - slowly working our way down a list that starts with arrow stitch, passes intricacies like herringbone weaving and Interlaced insertion stitch, and ends up with wrapped bars and woven picots.

There is a Zig-zag stitch in there, but it fits under 'insertion stitches,' so appears a little higher on the list.

If anyone knows of stitches that begin with Y or X, let us know!

Embroidery magazine vintageThere are treasures hidden in our Vintage magazines!

‘Embroidery’ is probably the longest published magazine of its kind. Our Vintage Magazine library will let you look back at some of our past issues, alongside a number of other, contemporary and earlier publications. Below is a motif from a bedspread which appeared in Issue 2 of Fancy Needlework Illustrated. This issue was published in 1906 and includes crochet and lace patterns alongside some stunning embroidery work.

In a note to their readers, the editor remarks that 'The popularity of Needlework, especially in Embroidery and Crochet, has increased to a remarkable degree within recent years, and it is our hope and intention that this journal will be the means of giving life and vigour to so desirable a movement.'

Today, the Guild is hoping that ThreadIT will continue that ambition, providing a forum that will help members develop their skills, find ideas and inspiration, and to share their love of embroidery and textile art.

Check out our Facebook page:
(You may even pick up a vintage motif or two while you’re there!)

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