Guild Scholars 2020/2021

Elnaz Yazdani - Guild Scholar

Elnaz YazdaniI currently work part-time at the University of Huddersfield where I have been their technical embroidery demonstrator for the last 5 years., demonstrating all embroidery techniques to the Textile, Costume and Fashion courses. The skills I deliver include goldwork, tabour beading, digital embroidery, smocking, quilting, free machine embroidery, 3D abeading, fabric manipulation, applique, patchwork and all hand embroidery stitches.

In 2018 I began working as a lecturer in embroidery part time at Manchester School of Art where I deliver the embroidery module content to 2nd year textile stuents. This module includes drawing, practical embroidery, concept development, contextual understanding.

Elnaz YazdaniSince working in embroidery education I have dedicated a lot of my own practice to teaching embroidery, designing and making a body of embroidery samples that educate and inspire future generation to study. My aim has always been to share the love for this fantastic craft and enable others to thrive through this education. My own embroidery style is unique based on traditional hand stitch methods such as goldwork and I challenge these techniques through using extraordinary materials including metal, rubber, cord and graphite.

Elnaz YazdaniBy doing this I experiment with the boundaries of these techniques and my work has always been able to invite people to look closer and look beyond the predictable notions of embroidery.

Embroider Your FutureEmbroider Your Future

Elnaz has created a virtual Summer School 'Embroider Your Future' in conjunction with the Embroiderers' Guild and the University of Huddersfield. This course, from 27th July - 31st July 2020 is perfect for school and college students interested in a career or further education in textiles or the arts. Participants should be 15 years or older and have an interest in art, design or textiles - they will learn new skills at this fun week of creativity and online learning. For full information please download this document:

Embroider Your Future

Jayne ChildsJayne Childs - Guild Scholar

As a designer/maker of lace textiles, specialising in digital embroidery, I combine historical influences with contemporary design to create wearable pieces and art.

I learned my digital embroidery skills working in sales and education for a sewing machine manufacturer, having learned to stitch by my mother’s knee when small. Continuing to use these skills for my own creative business, I moved away from full time employment to establish my own textile brand in 2010.

Jayne Childs LaceletThe work I’ve developed during my MA creates a narrative within the lace. I’ve developed my own interpretation of lace ‘sprigs’ and ‘brides’, terms used in traditional handmade lace. Sprigs is a term for smaller motifs in Honiton lace which would be made individually, then joined together to make a larger piece, brides refer to a type of join between lace motifs. I’m using these concepts to tell a story within my lace design, and within the making. For my MA project I highlight the discovery of an important fossil close to my childhood home, incorporating themes of girls and women not being believed, and how light can reveal but also distort what you see.

Jayne Childs PorcelaceI plan to use my scholarship to support my creative practice in promoting the new work. It will go towards promotional materials such as printed brochure and website, exhibitions and travel within the UK. I intend to use 2020-21 to establish this new work alongside my existing JC Middlebrook brand. I plan to extend the range of new products and will invest in new materials, threads and equipment. The scholarship would help me invest in establishing my new brand and promote it properly, instead of by ‘bootstrapping’! I hope to be able to exhibit at one of the major design shows without the usual financial pressures.

David MorrishDavid Morrish - Guild Scholar

I am undertaking an MA in Fashion and Textile Design PT at the Nottingham Trent University and currently in my second year of study. I also have a full-time job as a senior lecturer in Fashion Design at Sheffield Hallam University. I am passionate about education and encouraging others to realise their full potential.

Ambleside 25 by David MorrishDuring my masters at NTU I have been developing my digital embroidery skills, exploring multi-head embroidery combined with my tailoring skills. As part of this I am creating an 8mtr long embroidered piece inspired by my runs along Lake Windermere, collaborating with the Sheffield Embroiderers; Guild to add hand embroidered elements to complement the digital embroidered elements. I am working to find venues to exhibit this piece, to highlight and educate about littering within the beautiful Lake Windermere area.

Hand & Lock work David MorrishIn 2019 I won the Hand & Lock Prize Wilcom Award for Digital Embroidery. My aim is to develop and master multi-head embroidery and to continue to research hand and machine embroidery and 3D cross disciplinary potential for storytelling and product development with the intention that this may lead to a PhD.

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