Coronavirus/Covid 19 Information

Embroiderers' GuildIn these unprecedented times we have put together some guidance to help members and branches with some of the considerations of the viability of regional & branch, events, meetings and contact with other members.

We have also included some alternative ways for members and branches to keep in touch - both low tech and online.

These guidelines will always be superceded by any advice coming directly from Government.

In the pages on the Members' side of the website you will find :

  • Branch AGMs and Year End Returns
  • A special message for us from our patron, HRH The Duchess of Gloucester
  • Alternative ways to keep in touch with branch members and even hold meetings using video conferencing
  • Ideas and projects from other branches for members to join in remotely from the comfort of their own homes plus the Board Chair's Challenge
  • Information on suspension of the Folios service, visits to Bucks Co. Museum and the Resources Centre at Halton
  • Guidance on cancellation of speakers/tutors/venues, requests for branch subscriptions refunds
  • Restarting meetings and Frequently Asked Questions
Please click on this link to see all the guidance (you will be asked to log in):
Coronavirus/Covid 19 Guidance for Members and Branches

Latest News

Posted 16 September 2020

The ‘Rule of Six’

We have been asked if our status as an educational charity enables branches to hold meetings despite the recent rulings by the UK, Scottish and Welsh governments.

Although the government guidelines are extensive they do not cover every situation, however, we believe that to hold face-to-face meetings of more than 6 people would be outside the intention of the rulings. The UK government exemptions specifically use the phrase ‘Registered Childcare, Education and Training. An ad hoc meeting, even with a speaker or tutor, may be considered informative but would not seem to meet the exemption criteria of a planned, timetabled and continuous education programme. Such a meeting would be more likely to be assessed as ‘social’. A venue may accept such a booking but would expect the hirer to be responsible for compliance with the ‘Rule of Six’. Should such a meeting be held and it attract the attention of an objector who informed the authorities and/or the media the Guild would be faced with a situation that would be difficult to defend, certainly without incurring some embarrassment.

From a personal risk point of view it is for members to make their own assessments and decisions about attending face-to-face meetings, however, the Embroiderers’ Guild would not wish to support or encourage members to take unnecessary risks.


All staff and contractors work from home and, as such, are all able to continue to provide necessary administration services and respond to members, branch and regional chairs.

However, in common with our members and volunteers all have family responsibilities and concerns in relation to the risks posed by the coronavirus. To some degree this will impact on their daily routines and availability.

With this in mind please restrict emails and phone calls to essential issues and sharing ideas that we can post on the EG website and social media pages for the benefit of all. Having said this if you need help with a branch or regional issue do not hesitate to contact us.

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