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Are you...

  • Just starting out and looking for help, advice and information?

  • Already stitching and keen to do more?

  • Wanting to meet people and share your passion with others?

  • A busy parent who wants to stitch with your child?

  • A grandparent keen to share your skills and enjoyment with a grandchild?

  • Keen to enter local, regional or national competitions?

  • Seeking new opportunities, perhaps taking part in local, regional and national exhibitions?

  • A teacher, tutor, lecturer or workshop leader?

  • A student or recent post-graduate?

  • A textile artist, a stitch professional?

Fine textile artist and embroiderer Jane E Hall has spoken about the relationship and support she has received from the members of the Embroiderers' Guild in a recent email to Terry Murphy, our CEO:

Jane E Hall"My intention here is to emphasise the positivity of a specific, special relationship, one with a whole supporting cast: 'The Embroiderers Guild'.

I was plugged into said 'life support' by the lovely, lively Betty Laker, she attended my very first exhibition, in the grand drawing room of Chettle House in 1989. Sparkling with enthusiasm for my work, she believed in me from the outset; that faith and friendship never wained. It was Betty that arranged for me to give my very first lecture, to Alton Embroiderers Guild. I was so nervous, I covered an hour's lecture in 30 minutes and was asked, with great warmth and appreciation, to run through it once again!

Since then, I've been honoured to be invited to countless Embroiderers' Guild Branch meetings and AGMs, sharing my inspiration, working practice and creative process with thousands of engaging and enthusiastic embroiderers. I wish that I could magically summon all the applause gratefully received from those audiences over the years and play it back to 'The Guild and all its members'... but it would probably blow up the Internet! So instead, I laud you here, for all your support over the past (nearly) thirty years. My, how time flies when you're having fun!

I urge anyone that isn't 'plugged into' EG energy, to consider doing so, at any level: from learning to stitch, to joining a local branch, making friends... and beyond!

Yes, this is 'a plug' for the Embroiderers' Guild, borne entirely of personal conviction, no coercion whatsoever. I am truly honoured to have been 'titled' a 'Big Name' by the Guild, and in turn, I hope for a prestigious future for the Guild, and all its members."

A warm welcome awaits you.

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As a Member of the Guild you receive ...

  • 12 monthly issues of our membership journal Contact (by email), focusing on members' activities, news and achievements. PLUS an annual printed version with a round up of our year

  • Support and inspiration whether starting to stitch or seeking new challenges

  • News of events all over the UK

  • Access to special offers on books, DVDs, and shows

  • Reduced/special prices on workshops and distance learning courses

  • Private viewing of our unique Embroidery Collection

  • Private viewing opportunities at branch and regional exhibitions

  • Use of our extensive, specialist library for study purposes or pure enjoyment

  • Access to the Guild's UK and International folios for study and inspiration

  • The opportunity to enter the Annual Members’ Competition, with the winners' work displayed at national events, where possible

  • The chance to reserve your place on workshops and summer schools run locally, regionally or nationally.

  • Invitations to attend Regional and National AGMs, Conference, and Festival days and weekends

  • The camaraderie of being part of a 7000 strong membership organisation

  • Exclusive access to the membership areas of the Guild website

  • Right to vote for Guild officers and attend Branch, Region and Guild AGMs

  • You will be supporting the work of the one organisation that speaks for embroidery in the UK

If you are an adult, 24 years or over membership is £38.00 a year or just 73p a week. You can also become a 'Friend of Embroidery' (see below)

If you are a parent or student wishing to enrol a person aged 5 to 18 please click on this link to our Junior Embroiderers and Textile Students site. Membership is free - to become a member your child should join one of our groups.

You can become a ‘Friend of Embroidery’ (Membership plus £60 (guideline) Annual Donation)

We would also like to offer you the opportunity every year to take one step further to support the Guild's charitable work by adding a donation to your Membership subscription to become a Friend of Embroidery as you might become a "friend" of a hospital or Heritage site. This donation will help us to keep skills alive and further the Guild's charitable objectives.

You may wish to join your local branch of the Guild

A couple of our new members shared their thoughts on our Facebook page about joining a branch

Deb said:

I have been to Connected Threads, South Cheshire branch of the Embroiderers' Guild, for nearly a year now. It is wonderful. Apart from the wonderful people I can indulge my passion of everything stitched on a regular basis. I find social situations difficult but have been made to feel part of the group and am planning to go on holiday with them! I don't have enough words to say thank you enough.

Grace said:

I just joined Bristol Guild and went to the first evening last Friday. They had a speaker from the Royal School of Needlework - she was fabulous! I plucked up courage and Margaret the Treasurer was really friendly.

Once you have become a member of the Guild you can also join a local Branch and take part in branch activities including workshops, social events and exhibitions. Branch subscriptions vary and are set by each Branch. Branches offer...

  • Fun stitching on good company

  • Slideshows and demonstrations

  • ‘Show and Tell’ meetings

  • Competitions and prize draws

  • Branch library books

  • Opportunities to exhibit your work

  • Trips and outings

  • The chance to take part in community projects

Branch members...

  • Build lasting friendships

  • Share their interest with like-minded people

Click here to Find Your Nearest Branch (opens in another browser tab or window)

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