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The Embroiderers' Guild - The home of Stitch and Textile Art - The international voice for Embroidery

The Guild welcomes everyone with an interest in any area of embroidery and we are proud to be recognised as a voice for raising the profile of textile and stitched art.

No longer just the domain of fabric and thread, textile art now embraces (amongst other things) the world of mixed media, dyeing with rust and plants, print and videos. We hold a historical collection, aid research, support students of all ages, and publish “Stitch” and “Embroidery” magazines. Members around the country are involved at whatever level they choose in meeting regularly to listen to speakers, often in their local Branch, attend workshops, learn new skills or build on existing ones, and participate in local, regional and national projects.

Members are encouraged to participate in any area of interest at any level, whether young people learning to stitch, a professional artist extending the boundaries of textile art, or someone who simply appreciates fabric and thread. We believe that textiles are as relevant today as they have ever been, and there is a place for both the traditional, fine hand stitching alongside the bold and contemporary machine work.

The Embroiderers' Guild exists to build awareness of stitch and textile art. We educate, encourage, inspire, and promote the achievement of excellence. This is a continuing journey. You may enter at any point.

We hope to show you that even though we are called a "Guild" there is nothing stuffy or exclusive about us! We welcome beginners and those who already stitch or are interested in textiles and textile art.

Explore our website to find out
  • How to become a Member - Support us
  • Information on our national projects - this year our project is "HOME"
  • News and Events, in the UK and around the world of textile and stitching exhibitions
  • Our wonderful publications EMBROIDERY and STITCH
  • Workshops and Courses
  • Discounts for members and our Shop
  • Big Names and Icons of the textile world
  • Specialist Tours and Trips
  • The Embroiderers' Guild Collection - a magnificent collection of embroidery dating from Coptic times
  • Information for Students and Teachers - our Guild Scholars, Graduate Showcase and the Beryl Dean Teaching Award
  • Junior Embroiderers
  • Our partners and retailers
  • How you can get started

Please explore the site and return as often as you wish. You could of course Become a Member today.

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