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Poetry in Stitches

Poetry in Stitches 2020

The National Needlework Archive's ever-popular Poetry in Stitches project is embracing ‘Lockdown’ and encouraging all textile artists, young and old, amateur or professional, to use their creative talents to reflect on the Country’s difficult situation this year.

Do you love poems and making new and exciting textile pieces? - We want you to find a poem that reflects your emotions or your experiences during Lockdown and its aftermath. Once you have found a poem you like, and then create a picture which interprets the poem in a visual form.

Poems can be found on the BBC website, on the web generally (search ‘poems coronavirus’, or poems ‘lockdown’, for masses of inspiration) or you can use old poems that you feel are relevant to you now. Subjects could include grief, loss, fear, isolation, loneliness, financial problems; or more positively be about spring, down-time, family, kindness. Maybe the NHS, online shopping, volunteers, TV repeats, walking, neighbours, or online choirs – whatever means something to you about our current time? Do not include the text of the poem in your picture as the poem will be displayed with it.

Share your work with others to inspire and delight! – As with previous Poetry in Stitches series we will be sharing your pictures, together with the poems, in exhibitions; but this time our main exhibition space will be an online gallery on the NNA website. We will have a real exhibition of selected pieces of work at a later date.

For further information and registration forms visit our website
Contact us by email:

Coming Soon to your PC, laptop and mobile device!

ThreadIT - The Virtual Branch of the Embroiderers' Guild

ThreadITFor some time now, The Guild has been working to set up a Virtual Community for its members. What started as a bold idea is becoming a reality – a dedicated online space where members can meet, converse, explore, and discover the many aspects of embroidery and the textile arts.

Like any branch, it will need the input of its members – but, unlike most, you will be able to visit on any day, and at any time. For those who may have been unable to attend a local branch, ThreadIT will provide easy access to our community, enabling them to benefit from the exchange of knowledge, skills and experience that our branches provide.
All will be welcomed, from the tentative beginners, through to the lifetime embroiderers, and the professional textile artists.

So, what will you find if you join ThreadIT? Take a look at our dedicated webpage - Click on our ThreadIT logo above

Embroiderers' Guild Members' Challenge 2019/2020 - My Favourite Things

The awards are announced for the Embroiderers' Guild Members' Challenge for 2019/2020.

For full details please login and click on Members' Challenge 2019/2020.

The Joint Overall Winners & Winners of the Constance Howard Award were Jennie Riley and Liz Smith

Flower Pelargonium by Jennie Riley Linen Buttons by Liz Smith
Flower Pelargonium by Jennie Riley Linen Buttons by Liz Smith

PinterestDid you know we have 13 Pinterest Boards?

The Embroiderers' Guild has 13 Pinterest Boards which display a range of work from pieces in our Collection to entries to our Annual Members' Challenge and the great work of our Young Embroiderers and their own de Denne competition. The Boards include:

  • 100 Hearts100 Hearts Project
  • De Denne 'Looking Through' Young Embroiderers' Entries
  • Members Challenge 2018: UNDERFOOT
  • De Denne Challenge ‘Imprisoned Splendour’, Young Embroiderers’ Entries
  • Members Challenge 'Imprisoned Splendour'
  • Capability Brown Embroiderers’ Guild Exhibitions
  • De Denne ‘All That Glistens’, Young Embroiderers’ Entries
  • Capability Brown Project Young Embroiderers’ Exhibition Work
  • The Guild Collection
  • Nations of the World in Stitch Project
  • World War 1 Embroidery - from the Collection
  • Annual Members' Challenge 'Tree Rhythms'
  • Embroidery Magazine

Here is a link to our Pinterest boards so you can see for yourself some of the wonderful work of our members and some of the prized pieces in our Collection

Coronavirus/Covid 19 Updates

The CEO and the Board of Trustees are constantly monitoring the latest news and guidance from the Government in regard to keeping our members safe during this difficult time.

In this regard we have posted guidance on the Members' side of the website regarding the cancellation/viability of branch/regional meetings and events, and suggestions for keeping in touch with members and friends.

Please click on this link to go to these pages (you will be asked to log in as a member).

Coronavirus/Covid 19 Guidance

The same information has been posted on the branch and regional pages of the website for branch and regional officers and they will need to log in with their access codes.

Embroiderers' Guild Embroiderers' Guild AGM 2020 - Postponement

This was scheduled to be held on 25th April 2020. Government policy on social gatherings, distancing and requirement for self-isolation makes it impossible for this event to proceed as planned and notified to members.

AGM 2020 is, therefore, postponed until such time as it is permissible, practical and prudent to reschedule. We have been in touch with members who booked for the day or notified us of their intention to attend the AGM.

The decision to postpone renders it impossible for the proxy voting on the proposed Guild Subscription amount for 2020/21 and the re-appointment of the auditors to go ahead. These motions may need to be reconsidered in the light of the events that led to this postponement. Proxy votes received to date will, therefore, be destroyed.

No questions or notice of additional items of business have been received as at 27th March 2020. Please hold on to any questions you want answered or additional business you may have until you receive notice of the rescheduled meeting.

The intention is that the meeting agenda will remain as published and the rescheduled meeting will be held at the same venue i.e. The Priory Rooms, Birmingham. Please click on this link for this information Embroiderers' Guild AGM 2020

The decision to postpone was taken by the Board of Trustees.

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