Embroiderer's Guild Library

Guild Library comp.jpgThere are approximately 2000 books and 500 magazines in the Embroiderers’ Guild Library. It is a tremendous resource for researchers or a source of delight for members who simply wish to browse and dip into books that appeal. The library is currently stored at the Bucks County Resource Centre in Halton, Bucks and is available for members of the Embroiderers' Guild to view, by appointment only Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm. There is ample car parking.

To arrange a visit please email Will Phillips: wphillips@buckscountymuseum.org

The range of topics is enormous with books from over 30 countries published in the last 200 years. About 80 books were printed in the 1800s. The oldest book is A Natural History of Birds by George Edwards 1802, followed by Costumes Ancieen et Modernes, 1811 and Heraldry for Craftsmen and Designers by WH St. John Hope 1813. Another is The Book of Costume written by ‘A Lady of Rank’ in 1847.

The categories include...

  • Artists including Fine Art

  • Costume

  • Design

  • Ecclesiastical

  • Fabrics including printing, painting etc.

  • Fashion

  • Heraldry

  • History

and much more.

In addition, there aretitles published in both UK and other countries in the library covering embroidery and design from...

  • African continent incl. Egypt, Madagascar, South Africa

  • Americas incl. North, Central, South and Caribbean

  • Australia and the Pacific Islands

  • Eastern Europe incl. Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and the USSR.

  • Indian Subcontinent, incl. Nepal, Afghanistan

  • Mediterranean and Middle East – Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey Israel, Persian, Ottoman, Islamic, Kuwait

  • Oriental – Japan, China, Thailand

  • Scandinavia incl. Denmark and Iceland

  • Western Europe – UK, France, Germany, Belgian, Netherlands, Switzerland and all Europe

Techniques include...

  • Alphabets, lettering, monograms, illuminated manuscript.

  • Blackwork, Holbein, Double-Running, Back Stitch

  • Beadwork.

  • Canvaswork, incl Florentine, needlepoint, Bargello, berlin wool work

  • Collage, fabric collage.

  • Contemporary techniques- Bondaweb, dissolveable, spun textiles, mixed media

  • Cross stitch, Assisi, counted thread, Wessex

  • Crewel work, Jacobean.

  • Drawn and pulled thread, Hardanger, Hedebo, cut-work, linen embroidery

  • Felt-making incl Embellisher and Needle felting

  • Goldwork, metal thread, wire, stitching on metal

  • Macramé, knotting.

  • Machine embroidery)

  • Passementerie, braids, tassels.

  • Papermaking, book structure.

  • Ribbonwork

  • Stitches (includes stitch books)

  • Smocking.

  • Three dimensional (stumpwork, boxes, bags, constructions, toys, dolls)

  • Tapestries, wall hangings.

  • Textiles.

  • Weaving, ikat, rug making, carpets, including non woven techniques

  • Whitework incl. Mountmellick, Ayrshire, Caselguido

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