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In Motion DVDIn Motion - 2 disc DVD set (4 hours). Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn show the power and possibilities of free motion machine stitching in making wonderful, unique textile creations. They demonstrate how to work with a range of soluble fabrics, ways to design edges, cords and dangly bits and how to create wonderful new, unique cloths. They also share their sources of design which include landscapes, natural forms and patterns and present ways of machining into hand-stitching, paper and synthetic materials. As ever their enthusiasm, artistic skills, teaching ability and friendliness shine through.

Full of inspiration and guidance, this DVD is suitable for embroiderers of all levels of experience including beginners, who want to develop their use of a sewing machine in the creative of their textile art.

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Also available - Stitchscapes and Stitch Rhythms and Patterns as a Double Trouble offer. Both books available for the price of £19.99 plus p & P.

StitchscapesStitchscapes - This book is full of information, inspiration and wonderful artwork. Jan and Jean demonstrate the importance of exploiting the relationship between observation and the essence of an experience to achieving successful outcomes in stitch pieces.

Stitch Rhythms & PatternsStitch Rhythms and Patterns - Jan and Jean show how to observe the amazing rhythms and patterns that surround us in every day life. All stitching is rhythmic - sewing on a button, stitching a picture, beading a necklace or quilting a cushion illustrates this fact.

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