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A Guide to the Embroiderers' Guild Online Courses

French knots and seeding

We originally began three years ago to offer a set of courses for those who could not get to a class for any reason, whether that be family commitments, distance or health. At that point the courses were tailored to lie alongside the City & Guilds equivalent. However this presented certain restrictions. The courses are now all newly rewritten entities presented in a methodical yet unique way so that the practitioner is guided step by step through a series of practical exercises in order to gain skills in small, easy steps without the stress of deadlines and ticking boxes. It removes the huge jump in commitment and time between Levels 1 and 2, ensuring those with continuing commitments can remain included. This was always an issue in existing further education programmes as well as our own. Now the only remaining constraints are the enthusiasm and personal commitments of the student.

The current courses on offer are:

  • Inspired to Create hand embroidery - 1 Moving On
  • Inspired to Create machine embroidery - 2 Moving On
  • Inspired to Create hand embroidery - 3 Another Dimension
  • Inspired to Create machine embroidery - 4 Another Dimension
  • Beyond the Stitch - a course to go farther (see Beyond the Stitch heading on the left of this webpage)
For more detailed information on each course please see our webpage EG Distrance Learning (click on the link to go straight there)
If you are interested in our Short Courses please click on this link EG Short Courses.

work by Amanda HouseMoving On courses need a time commitment of 30+ hours at your own speed and cost £280 (£240 for members of the Embroiderers' Guild)

Another Dimension courses need 45+ hours and cost £420 (£380 for members of the Embroiderers' Guild)

There will be a third pair of courses at a later date. Each comes with a certificate upon completion with the facility to acknowledge outstanding work; be that in technique, imagination or development. It is possible to combine the machine and hand stitching courses at a special price.

work by Amanda House

Short Courses

Goldwork  Short CourseWe are also now pleased to launch our new series of 10 short courses aimed at the widest range of embroiderers. Some are topic based, some project based and some experimental allowing you to develop your own particular interests. See the separate heading on the left or click on this link Embroiderers' Guild Short Courses.

New Course - "Beyond the Stitch"

Beyond the StitchOur new course "Beyond the Stitch" takes us to the next level. It is a longer course with twelve sessions. The course has been trialled and is now ready for a full launch. See the separate heading on the left or click on this link Embroiderers' Guild Course Beyond the Stitch.

Why not give yourself the gift of fun and learning - to obtain a registration package or for any other enquiries about the courses please contact the Course Director Gill Riordan by email on

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