The Guild has a large number of Folios
. These are best described as a collection of embroidery samples based on a stitch, a technique or embroidery from another part of the world. They are intended to inform, educate and inspire and are available to individual Guild Members and Guild Branches for research or enjoyment.

The Folios span a wide range of stitches, techniques and cultural influences. These include...

  • African, Chinese, European and Indian.
  • Applique, Blackwork, Canvaswork, Crewelwork etc.
  • Ecclesiastical, including linen, kneelers, burse and veil.
  • Historical, from 17th to 21st Century.
  • A folio may contain...
  • A description of the stitch, technique, cultural influence or type of work.
  • Examples and illustrations.
  • Finished samples.
  • Information and examples of the different uses of the technique.
  • Examples of the stitch or technique using a a variety of threads and fabrics.

Folios are continually being added to and developed. Members restore them and add to them. New folios are being created each year.

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