Junior Embroiderers

The Junior Embroiderers section of the Guild is devoted to encouraging and supporting young people who want to take up embroidery and textiles, from those just making their first stitches to students wanting to base their careers on this area of art and design. The Embroiderers' Guild started over 100 years ago with the aim of encouraging and educating people in the skills and art of embroidery and the Young Embroiderers section of the Embroiderers’ Guild started over 40 years ago.

Just like the adult members of the Embroiderers' Guild, the Young Embroiderers are invited to participate in an annual members' competition which is known as the de Denne Competition. It usually has the same theme as the Members' Challenge.

We encourage entries from all our members - both Young Embroiderers and Young Quilters alike, and the competition is judged on interpretation, skills and originality.

Imprisoned Splendour - Diamonds Insect in Amber Imprisoned Splendour - Chick emerging from shell
Imprisoned Splendour - crown jewels Caged Gorilla Imprisoned Splendour - erupting volcano

The title for this year's de Denne Competition is "Imprisoned Splendour". The inspirational photos above should give you some idea of what "Imprisoned Splendour" might mean. We would encourage our young embroiderers to research where splendid things come from originally - like a butterfly in a chrysalis or how they evolve like the exploding volcano.

Full instructions and more information are available to our young embroiderers members on the de Denne webpage on our Young Embroiderers website www.youngembroiderers.com. Only current members can access the instructions and entry form by logging in with their membership number and password. Once logged in the webpage is accessed by clicking on "Young Ideas" and then "De Denne 16/17". Closing Date for entries is Monday 27th February 2017.

There are Junior Embroiderers groups around the country that are run by volunteer members of the Embroiderers' Guild. The group leaders, helpers and the textile artists we work with have a passion for enthusing and encouraging young people (girls and boys) to learn to create fun, exciting, interesting and artisitic embroidery from practical items and fashion accessories to artistic pieces that push the boundaries of design.

Follow the links to the left or visit the www.youngembroiderers.com website.

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