South Africa

embnetworksa.jpgEmbroidery Network South Africa

In 2013, Elsa le Roux of Jeffreys Bay South Africa, launched a website - the Embroidery Network South Africa - to unite embroidery guilds in South Africa under one umbrella organisation. The website makes available contact information, history and events as well as showcasing the work of local embroiderers. Elsa hopes to inspire people to participate and join one (or more) of the nine Guilds involved as the website will be accessible to the general public. She also hopes it will encourage interaction between embroiderers and strengthen the Guilds.

Their website has full details of their activities, events, a gallery of work, venues and contact.


The Keiskamma Trust is a community organization, centred in Hamburg, a rural area of the Eastern Cape, South Africa, which works to foster hope and offer support for the most vulnerable. They strive to address the challenges of widespread poverty and disease through holistic and creative programmes and partnerships, through artworks that include tapestries and embroideries. See their website for more information on their valuable work.

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