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Embroiderers' Guild Collection - Exhibition Calm during the Storm - on display in Ashton-under-Lyne from 18th April 2017

Work by Capt. Edward GiraudWe are very pleased to advise that the renowned Calm during the Storm exhibition will be on display at the Central Art Gallery in Ashton-under-Lyne from 18th April until 1st July 2017.

This poignant exhibition portrays the role of needlework, especially embroidery, as a calming influence in troubled times and links it to personal experience,with a display of pieces all taken from the Embroiderers' Guild Collection.

Captain Geoffrey Edwards Austerity StitchingThe exhibition covers both world wars with small embroideries such as postcards, a tea cosy, handkerchiefs and artefacts such as pincushions produced by disabled servicemen. There are also Penelope needlwork kits produced for the sole use of servicemen during World War II and other examples of work made during wartime. In addtion there are contemporary pieces, "Comment on the Afghan War", SOS and A Life Worth Living.

Little Boy BlueCentral Art Gallery
Old Street

Open: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 10am - 12.30pm, 1pm - 4pm. Saturday 10am - 1pm. Closed Sunday, Monday and Thursday

The Late Gilda Baron - International Textile Artist

Exhibition at The Barbican Library, 3rd - 27th May 2017
Silk Street, London EC2Y 8DS

Work by Gilda BaronGilda had a lifelong interest in the arts. She spent some years working in the fashion industry as a pattern cutter before moving on to teach and lecture in fashion and craft. In later life she began to concentrate on producing her own distinctive artworks. She developed a unique style, using a mixture of techniques and produced stunning land and seascapes which burst with life, colour and texture and invited the viewer into the picture. Gilda regularly held solo exhibitions around the UK and at the Knitting & Stitching Shows. Her work has also been sold and displayed internationally. Her book "The Art of Embroidered Flowers" sold around the world. She passed away in 2015 but her remarkable work lives on.
Opening Times/Charges/Phone:
Mondays and Wednesdays 09.30am to 5.30pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays 9.30 - 7.30, Friday. email:

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