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The 11 regions of the Guild post their news here. You may also find information on exhibitions and regional events in the 'Events Listings' also in this section of the site.

Sew Book ReviewsSouth East West Region - SEW magazine

The latest issue of the SEW magazine is book reviews - take a look for the latest books on crochet, cross stitch, embroidery (modern and historical) sashiko, dyeing and bargello - including Christmas makes! Click on the link to view this comprehensive guide to the latest in print.

Here are the two previoys SEW Region publications- they are happy for it to be shared with your friends. Due to the number of excellent magazines published in the last six months, the SEW magazine has been split into two. You will find the condensed review in the main magazine with the full version in the "Overflow" which is linked to the magazine.

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SEW Region Magazine June 2020The Magazine -

Overflow Book ReviewThe Overflow-

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