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Project RISE Rwanda - Training and investment for deaf young people in Rwanda

Rise embroidery projectRISE project aims to implement an integrated post graduate training and investment programme for deaf young people in rural Rwanda.

Young people learn to make products for the tourist market and profits combined with donations are invested in business start up for students once they graduate. By enabling young people to start a business, we hope to not only stop the generational cycle of poverty but also change negative community perceptions of disability.

Rise EmbroideryWe teach young people embroidery with wool to make wall hangings and clothes accessories. Embroidering with wool is a traditional pastime in rural Rwanda that has become lost to the current generation. Learning embroidery not only helps deaf young people create a brighter future for themselves but also keeps this beautiful tradition alive.

RISE beautiful fabric in the makingFind out more: (not yet mobile compatible)
Instagram: project.rise.rwa

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