Vision and Aims

The principal objectives of the Charity as defined in the Articles of Association are to:

  • promote and encourage the art of embroidery and related crafts;
  • encourage the creation of fine articles incorporating the use of, or associated with, embroidery;
  • educate the public in the history and art of embroidery;
  • undertake or support research in embroidery;
  • collect, document, preserve, exhibit and interpret examples of fine embroidery, which are of historical or educational merit, and to make such articles available to the public.

The Guild aims to:

  • nurture an enjoyment of embroidery and enable anyone to participate at any level, whether they are young people learning to stitch, a professional artist, or someone who simply appreciates textiles;
  • change perceptions of the Guild and embroidery by demonstrating how it is relevant to the 21st century;
  • be recognised as the national voice for embroidery in the UK.

To enable the Guild to achieve its aims and objectives, it will:

  • engage in and fully embrace new technology and social media to attract and maintain the interest of children, teenagers, students and career adults;
  • make available locally facilitated opportunities for people who wish to learn embroidery in a social group environment;
  • provide facilities for those who cannot form or participate in local groups, or who prefer or need to fit embroidery into busy lives at times and in ways that work best for them.
If you are specifically interested in the vision, strategy & aims for 2019 and beyond, a document has been prepared which summarises the focus points and aims for the next five years. Please click on this link to view in a separate window:
Embroiderers' Guild Plan 2019-2023 - Vision, Strategy & Aims.

One good reason to join a branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild is the lovely friends you will make! You will meet people who share your interest and passion for embroidery and textiles, and whatever your or their skill levels, your ages and walks of life you will straight away have something in common.

When you attend your first workshop, the stranger at the bench beside you will soon become a friend when you get talking, compare results, laugh over mistakes, admire each other’s work and chat over your sandwiches. I have made friends for life through the Embroiderers’ Guild. Not only are they kind and supportive through life’s troubles, they also know exactly what I mean when I say my Pekinese stitch is upside down!

Dilys Harvey – Norwich Branch

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