Next 100 years

As the name suggests the Embroiderers' Guild has 'heritage' but in this 'digital age' the Guild is arguably more relevant than ever before.

Crafts and craft courses are being squeezed (out) of school, college and university provisions. City and Guilds courses used to be widely available. They were an ideal entry point for many people, a chance to learn the essentials and platform for branching out, developing skills or just stitching for enjoyment. Embroiderers' Guild branches run City & Guilds Courses - all are welcome. There may be a course running or being planned at venue near you. If you join the Guild at the time of enrolment you will save the enrolment fee to City & Guilds. WORKSHOPS & COURSES.

The Guild also offers distance learning programmes. These are becoming increasingly popular. Join an on-line group. Complete the coursework in your own time. Enjoy the support of the tutors and other participants without the need to travel and commit to a fixed time and place. This suits those with busy lives who need to devote time to themselves when it most easily available. EG DISTANCE LEARNING

'Embroidery' may be more relevant to society and community groups today than ever before but the 'image' of embroidery needs a makeover. A judge on a BBC TV programme in 2012 ruled out an embroidered landscape scene because, in her words, embroidery cannot compare to the artistry achievable with a paintbrush. Needless to say we would beg to differ! STITCH ART

Today embroidery embraces...

  • Textile art - creating fabrics
  • Design - by hand or computer-based
  • Mixed media - there is almost nothing that cannot be used... plastics, slate, wood, driftwood, steel, engine parts, shoe design and much more
  • Inspiration - developing ideas from a huge range of icons and influences
  • Imagination - bringing something of yourself and the way you see the things around you
  • Community projects - supporting others, using embroidery to decorate, calm, encourage,
  • Inspire, please
  • Restoration - from altar cloths to tapestries to ceremonial uniforms
  • Life skills - embroiderers are helping African men to develop the skills needed to create items they can sell
Want to get started?
Keen to know more and develop your skills?
Like the thought of being 'connected' to the world of stitch for fun, enjoyment, friends, competitions, exhibitions, to build your business or possibly professional development?

You can take the first step today. Join the Guild on line click Join Here. It costs just less than 50p a week.

You then have the choice of joining a branch if there is one near enough for you to get to or be an individual member and connect with us via this website. There will be something new for members every week.

Be part of the second hundred years, creating a new heritage for those connected by 'stitch and textiles' the world-over!

The Embroiderers' Guild is an educational charity. Membership subscriptions help fund the work we do.

How can you help?
  • Join us... You'll be in good company
  • Donate... We always have more projects and plans than we can fund. Supporting teaching in schools is a major priority.
  • Remember us in your Will... but be sure to talk it through with your solicitor.
  • Send the link to our site to others you feel might be interested.

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