EG Airdrie Branch and its EGA Twin Omaha Needle Artists

Omaha-150x115.jpgtwinning1-150x113.jpgThere is always an air of excitement when you receive a package, waiting to see what has arrived...this time, the Airdrie Branch members all received needle cases and a selection of threads from its twin 'Chapter' in Omaha, USA. In previous years we have exchanged bookmarks, handmade cards and embroidered boxes.

twinning2-175x131.jpgMembers of Airdrie Branch have been 'keeping in touch' with their twin Chapter in the USA for more than 10 years. Christmas messages and newsletters or updates are received regularly. Details of the correspondence were shared at meetings. Some years ago, Airdrie Branch decided to send a subscription for Stitch magazine along with a greetings card which we have continued to do every year since.

One or two of our members have been in touch with twin members on a personal basis and continue to this day with family chat and Guild news, furthering the bond between 'twins'.

twinning4-150x113.jpgThe link between Branch and Chapter has always been friendly and is set to continue on a branch and personal level. Airdrie Branch meets every week on a Thursday evening throughout the school calendar year. Whilst, Omaha Needle Artists have several types of meeting: Their evening meetings are held on the first Monday evening of each month. Day meetings are held on the first Tuesday morning of each month, with an evening stitch-in on the third Monday of each month. Day stitch-ins are also held on the third Tuesday morning of each month. A very busy and involved Chapter!


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