New Zealand


We are the parent organisation for 57 embroiderers' guilds all around New Zealand. The association's overall aim is to encourage embroidery in all its forms and regular exhibitions encourage design innovation and excellence in stitching.

The association keeps all the guilds in touch with each other through:

  • A biennial conference and week of workshops,
  • Regional representatives for each regional grouping of guilds,
  • A resource custodian who has a vast range of materials for learning and teaching embroidery of all types available to guild members,

Our guilds are all about embroidery. All types of embroidery are practised within our guilds - many of the larger ones have specialist groups for traditional and/or modern embroidery.

Our guilds are a great place to learn and share embroidery - everything from cross stitch to mixed media creations, goldwork to whitework, canvaswork to beadwork to just about any embroidery you care to name - somewhere there is someone creating it.

Smaller guilds in the country may not have the breadth of embroidery knowledge at their fingertips but know how to access tutors and specialist information. So if you have an interest in embroidery or just want to become involved in a wonderful hobby then our guilds are for you. Use our guild contacts information to find out which guilds are in your area and join them to be encouraged, inspired, taught, to stitch and learn in the company of like-minded embroiderers.

The President of the Association of New Zealand Embroidery Guilds is an Honorary Member of the Embroiderers’ Guild

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