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Embroidery Magazine January/February 2020January/February 2020 issue of Embroidery Magazine

In this issue......

Editor, Jo Hall, says:

Not only is it a new year but the beginning of a new decade. And with it I find myself wondering where, indeed, does the time go? We are one of Britain's longest-standing craft magazines - our first issue was published in 1932 with the aim of championing 'a really vigorous and well-balanced new work'.

Aside from the Second World War, when paper shortages prevented publication, we have consistently continued to publish the best of textiles in contemporary art. We are nearly as old as the Guild itself and I'd like to thank those that have championed the magazine and ensured our survival over the years. This issue was a particularly inspiring edition to work on, thanks to the talented artists who agreed to be interviewed. From Anna Ray's inquisitive exploration of materials and Ian Berry's reinvention of denim; to Ann Goddard's award winning work and Nicola Henley's expressive textile hangings, each has a unique vision which, collectively, speaks to the diverse potential of textiles as a medium. I wish all our artists and readers a happy New Year, as well as our colleagues, writers and friends - here's to a creative and fulfilling 2020.

Jo Hall


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Anna Ray

On the cover - Hanging by a Thread

Anna Ray speaks up about breaking the rules in her own quiet way whether working in tapestry, textiles or embroidery. (page 28)

Ian Berry

The Jean Genie - Ian Berry

Ian Berry's photorealist artworks are often mistaken for paintings or photographs but are in fact fashioned from denim jeans. (page 18)

Nicola Henley

Taking Flight - Nicola Henley

Nicola Henley's textile hangings capture the raw wildness of the nature surrounding her home in the west of Ireland. (page 46)

Tilleke Schwarz

First Person: Tilleke Schwarz

Motifs, phrases and hidden meanings abound in the expressive embroidery of Tilleke Schwarz, who shares the process behind the artwork Feathers. page 16)

Diary - Japanese exhibition at the V & A

Turning Japanese - at the V & A

This spring the V & A will stage Europe's first major exhibition dedicated to the Kimono (page 9)


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