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May/June 2018 issue of Embroidery Magazine

Embroidery Magazine May/June 2018

In this issue......

Editor, Jo Hall, says:

When Embroidery was launched in 1932 one of the main reasons for its publication was to encourage original work. The magazine wanted to inspire its readers to develop their own designs and to move away from copying the mass-produced needlework patterns so popular at the time. Today, 86 years later, that vision h as been realised and now, as this issue reveals, we love to champion the every-increasing diversity within embroidery practice. Janet Bolton first showed her work to the world in the 1980s and her human, intuitively stitched patchwork pieces were an instant hit. We fell in love with Takashi Iwasaki's unique imagery; with its joyful colours and exuberant motifs, few would guess the personal nature of its expression. Hagar Vardimon has been working with paper and thread for over ten years and is part of a generation that sees fresh applications for embroidery, in her case stitching on collages rather than canvas. For makers, the path can take many turns Caroline Zoob has enjoyed exploring the detours in her career offered and her embroidery business is still going strong today. Likewise fellow maker Lisa Vaughan Thomas continues to explore new ways to grow - balancing a creative business with a personal practice. Our A - Z rounds up our features with a look at the relationship between text and textiles. As a journalist with a love of textiles, I am always intrigued by the marriage of these two expressions. We were so excited to work on this issue; we hope that you will love it as much as we do!

Jo Hall


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Takashi Iwasaki

On the Cover...... Takahashi Iwasaki

Takashi Iwasaki's free flowing embroidery appears abstract in nature but is in fact a personal record of daily life and imaginary scenes that are packed with hidden meaning for the artist. "Sometimes, instead of writing a diary I use a visual format. I saw these beautiful clothes today or I ate something really delicious or this happened and it was silly and interesting. I try to record those things in an abstract format."


Animals in Embroidery RSN

Embroidery Loves......

A new exhibition at the Royal School of Needlework shows how the humble stitch - whether silk shading, blackwork or crewelwork - can bring alive in captivating detail the beauty of the natural world. Animals in Embroidery showcases a menagerie of embroidered wildlife by RSN students past and present. The exhibition is accessible through a pre-booked tour on specific dates until December.


Janet Bolton

Pioneer: Janet Bolton

Pure and Simple - Since the 1980s Janet Bolton has been honing her craft, making small hand-stitched pieces with an honesty that has made her one of the nation's favourite embroiderers. "I enjoy the physical activity of making. I love working with the cloth itself. I like to work from the very beginning with the materials that I'll be using." The image on the left shows a selection of boxes, a small boat, and pieces in progress from Janet's workroom; "I have been making these now for about four years. The different components are sewn into place into cardboard boxes."

Her work will be on show at Gallery 3, Welsh Quilt Centre from 1st May - 9th June 2018.


Alison Holt

Stitch, London - A Review

Stitch was a group show of work by seven embroidery artists hosted by the Daniel Raphael Gallery, with the aim of showcasing textiles in a fine art context. The exhibition included work by Maryam Ashkanian, Alison Holt (see left), Julie French, Richard McVetis, Lucie Feigham, Robert Dean and Ulla-Stina Wikander.


Pixel Perfect - Hagar Vardimon

Pixel Perfect - Hagar Vardimon

Amsterdam-based artist Hagar Vardimon runs the creative studio Happy Red Fish and in the last 10 years has developed a unique approach to collage both in her personal and commercial artwork. Ten years ago Hagar switched from working with paint on canvas to working with paper. She started to experiment using threads much like ink or paint, embroidering over a collage of photographs.


Cloth & Clay Caroline Zoob

Cloth & Clay - Caroline Zoob

Caroline Zoob's long love affair with textiles is not just about embroidery, her astonishing career has followed many paths from writing books to designing ceramics. Caroline combines her love of antique fabrics with an interest in embroidery and has made a vivacious living designing, making and teaching embroidery and mixed media. Caroline offers embroidery and mixed media workshops - see her website for details.


A - Z of Textiles

Say it with Stitch - An A - Z of text and textiles

The words "textile" and "text" share a common root: both are derived from the Latin texere, which means to weave, join or fit together. Words in the form of symbols, stories and even scriptures have found expression in textile artefacts as diverse as the Bayeus Tapestry, trade union banners and modern artworks like Magna Carta (An Embroidery). Today artists and makers remain inspired by text, finding fresh ways to express their fascination with words.


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