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July/August 2017 issue of Embroidery Magazine

Embroidery Magazine July/August 2017

In this issue......

Editor, Jo Hall, says:

It was fascinating to interview Zoe Hillyard, Maxine Sutton and Alice Fox for this issue. Three very different makers, they each developed a unique practice by following their instincts and exploring the materials, techniques and concepts they were drawn to. Often it is only in retrospect that we can see how our past experiences have played a pivotal role in bringing us to where we are now. When we are starting out, it's much harder to predict where we might end up. Just how do you work out which strand of your creative practice to develop? Or where to start with a new piece of work? It's a question I posed to Hillyard during our meeting and she shared the process she uses when working with undergraduates to encourage them to explore and experiment going in different directions before bringing things together (you can read about it on the 3rd June 2016 entry on her blog zoehillyard.blogspot.co.uk. Each of the artist's stories in this issue is unique and we are fortunate to feature a piece by reader Nettie Rowsell on this month's cover too. Whatever the summer holds, we hope you find inspiration amongst our pages to ensure it's a creative one.

Jo Hall


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George by Nettie Rowsell

ON THE COVER: Picture Perfect - Nettie Rowsell captures perfectly the art of the stitched portrait

Nettie Rowsell is a freelance textile and needlework restorer and artist and is "obsessed with stitching". "If I'm not undertaking paid restoration projects, I'm working on my portraits. I'm interested in the relationship between fine art and craft." Nettie's solo exhibition of stitched portraits is at the Jubilee Library, Brighton from 21st - 28th August 2017. Her work is shortlisted for the Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize and on show at Piano Nobile Kings Place until 22 September. www.nettierowsell.co.uk

London Bridge at Night by Miss Cowie 1936

Diary: What's happening in the textile world in July and August?

The Beautiful Stitch: Textile Treasures from the Collection of the Embroiderers' Guild showcases embroidery from the EG Collection prior to the opening of its permanent gallery at Bucks County Museum, Church Street, Aylesbury HP20 2QP. Free admission. 1st July - 28th October 2017. more details https://embroiderersguild.com/index.php?page_no=913&page_menu=the-beautiful-stitch and www.buckscountymuseum.

Beyond the Surface - RSN

Diary: What's happening in the textile world in July and August?

Beyond the Surface: there's just time to see work by the RSN's second year degree students at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, alongside traditional treasures fromt he RSN's Archive collection - until 9th July

A Woman's Work is never done

A Woman's Work is never done: Joanne Haywood's jewellery tribute to trailblazing women

Joanne Haywood's frieze of 21 jewellery artworks represents 15 trailblazing women who have influenced the maker's life in some way. In each piece multiple layers of symbolism and sentiment give clues to the subject's identity, either tangibly or as a badge of honour celebrating the achievements of the woman. www.joannehaywood.co.uk

Maxine Sutton

Quiet Conversations: Inside the Margate studio and shop that's home to Maxine Sutton

Maxine Sutton trained as a painter before studying constructed textiles at the Royal College of Art, going on to establish a practice both as a maker and artist working from her studio and shop in Margate. Her shop is filled with striking examples of vintage furniture and original designs reupholstered with bespoke printed and embroidered fabrics. www.maxinesutton.com

Paper, Cloth, Stone

Paper, Cloth, Stone: Alice Fox's artworks

Alice's artworks occupy a unique space between natural textile processes and found objects located in the landscape. Her practice is an analogy between natural textile processes and overlooked details she finds in nature. This summer Alice is lead artist on a project in Newcastle and has a full roster of workshops in place. But ultimately it is the landscape to which she returns. www.alicefox.co.uk

Debbie Lyddon Sea Purses

Ebb and Flow: Debbie Lyddon's mixed media artworks are inspired by the coast

A former professional musician, Debbie Lyddon retrained as an artist and now creates mixed media cloth, sculpture and installations inspired by the coastal landscapes surrounding Norfolk. "Each work notates the memory of a commonplace event or observation: the sun moving over the marsh and creating shadows, the clink of halyards... the shape of a bend in the creek or the way the saltwater marks my clothes". www.debbielyddon.co.uk


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