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November/December 2018 issue of Embroidery Magazine

Embroidery Magazine November/December 2018

In this issue......

Editor, Jo Hall, says:

Objects, whether found or made, are a common theme among our artists this issue. Jane McKeating's practice is founded in drawing but increasingly, she explains, she is drawn to working in three dimensions and exploring the malleable nature of cloth.

Caren Garfen's practice is not solely about her virtuosity with stitch. She undertakes meticulous research and often seeks out everyday objects (dolls house furniture, capsules, key rings) to incorporate in her pieces, which when combined act as a powerful conduit for the message.

Lucan Grogan is also less about materials and more about sharing his truth. Never pulling punches, he creates objects that reflect the age in which we live and the narratives we create in our relationships with each other. And our pioneer series continues with Jean Draper, whose sculptural forms reflect a fascination with landscape and the human interaction with it.

Finally Tanja Malo's research into the textile archives in Sweden thought by many to be lost to time, formed the idea for her business Linladan, much to the delight of embroiderers in Britain who love her linen threads.

Little over 100 years ago no one had considered the found object as art but each of our featured artists demonstrates that it is here to stay.

Jo Hall


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Jane McKeating's Nine Days a Week

On the Cover...... Drawing on Life

Jane McKeating graduated from Goldsmiths College, since when she established a career in embroidery, first as a lecturer and now as Associate Head of Department of Design at MMU but it is her textile practice that is currently grabbing our attention.


Caren Garfen

A Touch on the Small Side - Caren Garfen

Caren Garfen's perfectly formed artworks confound expectations, confronting challenging subjects around gender, politics and women's issues in the 21st century.

We talk to Caren about her meticulous research and the everyday objects she incorporates in her pieces.


No Entry by Jean Draper

Pioneer - Jean Draper - tutor, author, artists

Our pioneer series continues with Jean Draper, former Chairman of the Embroiderers' Guild. She talks about her inspiration - places and the people who inhabit them and how she sees her stitching as a form of drawing and an intensely physical activity, with the actual process being as meaningful as the finished work.

Her book, Stitch and Pattern is published by Batsford £22.95.


Lucas Grogan - The Universe Quilt

Feature - In Black and White - Lucas Grogan

The Australian artist Lucas Grogan has a long list of projects, exhibitions and commissions to his name, thanks to his graphic style and provocative honesty.

His work elicits phrases such as "ornate complexity","painstakingly patterned monochromatic works", in "monumental detail". Lucas strives to be as honest as possible and a complete relatist. We talk to him about his complex work.


Textile Folk Art

New books - Textile Folk Art - Anne Kelly

Anne reveals how her new book Textile Folk Art found its inspiration in folk art from cultures around the world. She says "I see Textile Folk Art" as a continuation of a chapter in my previous book Textile Nature." Interested in folk art from an early age and gowing up she was inspired by native and historical crafts in Canada and the US.

published by Batsford


Susie Vickery - embroidered portraits

The New Face of Embroidery - Susie Vickery

Portraiture is one of the most challenging art forms but a one-day masterclass with Susie Vickery reveals how to embroider a portrait successfully.


A Thread Through Time - Tanja Malo

A Thread Through Time - Tanja Malo

Meet Tanja Malo, the founder of Linladan, who rescues Swedish threads (and more) much to the delight of embroiderers.



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