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September/October 2018 issue of Embroidery Magazine

Embroidery Magazine September/October 2018

In this issue......

Editor, Jo Hall, says:

There is a great deal of anxiety over the future of embroidery in higher education but each summer it is with much excitement that we look forward to selecting the graduates who feature in our annual showcase (page 14). Talent is best nurtured by brilliant teaching and with this in mind, five years ago our publisher launched The Embroiderers' Guild Beryl Dean Award for Teaching, Excellence in Embroidery and Design as a way of recognising talent in education. This year saw joint winners: Anne-Marie Howat established the Textile Degree at the Arts University of Bournemouth ten years ago, whilst Dr Nigel Hurlestone is Senior Lecturer on the Textiles in Practice Degree of Manchester Metropolitan University (he featured in our November/December 2017 edition). Our congratulations to both. This issue it's wonderful to show trhe scope of artistic work being expressed in embroidery and textiles today. From Swati Kalsi and her artisans' breathtaking hand embroidery to Stewart Easton's illustrative artworks, one senses that as long as we can encourage curious, open minds, there's still so much to explore through stitch and textiles.

Jo Hall


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Alice Kettle Thread Bearing Witness

On the Cover...... Thread Bearing Witness

Alice Kettle's latest project responds to the migrant crisis with the help of those most affected from around the world. On show at the Whitworth Gallery, Manchester from 1st September 2018 - Spring 2019, this work has taken out of her physical, emotional and artistic comfort zones.

www.alicekettle.co.uk and more information on the exhibition on www.whitworth.manchester.ac.uk

Anni Albers

Embroidery Loves...... the Anni Albers exhibition at Tate Modern, London

Anni Albers (1899-1994) is perhaps one of the 20th century's best known textile artists, whose work explored the intersection between art and craft, hand weaving and machine production, the ancient and the modern. The exhibition brings together her most important works from major collections in the USA and Europe. Not to be missed.


Malcolm Lochhead

Pioneer - Malcolm Lochhead - Heavenly Intervention

Our pioneer series continues with Malcolm Lochhead, renowned tutor and designer of ecclesiastical embroidery.


Swati Kalsi

Feature - Swati Kalsi - Breathing Life into Stitch

Swati Kalsi works with women artisans in India in a unique exploration of exquisite contemporary sujani embroidery


Melissa Averinos

Face Value - the work of Melissa Averinos

Meet fabric designer, author and award-winning quilter Melissa Averinos. Melissa has been painting, making and sewing since her teens. Now she has a new book out that explores the quilted portrait.


Stewart Easton

Zen and the Art of Embroidery - Stewart Easton

Illustrator and embroiderer Stewart Easton talks to us about his practice, his passion for music and collaborative projects. Not only that but Stewart has compiled a Spotify playlist just for Embroidery readers. His music choices are eclectic and unusual, just as you'd hope. It's a great way to get inside the music mind of the man as he makes his embroidery. Download from the link at the end of the article in the magazine.



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