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Embroidery Magazine May/June 2020May/June 2020 issue of Embroidery Magazine

In this issue......

Editor, Jo Hall, says:

As I write this we are in week three of lockdown and it's a worrying and perplexing time for many of us. By the time you read this, we will have endured hours of numbing speculation and commentary in the media and I've no desire to add to it. Equally, it feels too glib to say that we're here to offer you some kind of respite - who knows what the world will look like next week, let alone May, when you receive this magazine? But indeed this is the territory in which we find ourselves. Our featured artists know about taking inspiration from their personal experience and of working with what they have to hand. Kate Whitehead talks about using her practice to work through difficult times, whilst Diane Meyer questions how photography has the ability to supplant memory (just as screen technology is facilitating much of our contact with loved ones right now). Working with knit, Freddie Robins knows a thing or two about challenging prejudices about what constitutes 'art' and Jennifer Harris begins her series of articles examining the current relationship between textiles and the art world. Does any of this matter right now? I think so. This enforced confinement offers us all time and space to contemplate what is important to us and how we might want our world (both personal and global) to look once this is over. But until then, wherever you are, I hope you are keeping well and safe.

Jo Hall


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Diane Meyer

On the cover - Pixel perfect

Using embroidery Diane Meyer investigates photography's ability to supplant memory

Madge Gill

A Unique Vision - the visionary art of Madge Gill

Meet Sophie Dutton - the driving force behind the book Madge Gill by Myrninerest, which reveals the story of this book's visionary self-taught artist

Freddie Robins

Vitamin K - Freddie Robins

Freddie Robins' thought provoking and witty knitted works question ideas around the domestic, gender and human condition

Kate Whitehead

A Virtuous Circle - meet Kate Whitehead

Kate Whitehead uses myriad hand techniques in her weave-based practice

Teresa Whitfield

Drawn to Lace - Teresa Whitfield

Teresa Whitfield's pen and ink drawings of lace are indistinguishable from the real thing

Marilyn Rathbone

The Sum of all Parts - Marilyn Rathbone

Marilyn Rathbone draws upon inspiration as diverse as historical research and mathematics


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