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January/February 2018 issue of Embroidery Magazine

Embroidery Magazine January/February 2018

In this issue......

Editor, Jo Hall, says:

Embroidery magazine is quite possibly unique in terms of craft publishing. With the exception of the Second World War, when a shortage of paper and the war effort intervened, it has been published continuously for 85 years, which is an enormous feat for any magazine. I feel honoured to edit a title with such an established pedigree - and the thanks for our continuing longevity must go to you, our readers. This month we want to hear more about you, your work and your stories - and we're calling out to budding writers too - take a look at page 10 for details. If you're looking for inspiration, you can read about two artists who've already reached out to us. This month both Emily Jo Gibbs (page 16) and Paddy Hartley (page 36) offer insights into new bodies of work that are on show in January (and in Paddy's case throughout 2018). It is always fascinating to read about an artist's journey in his or her own words, so why not make it your resolution to get in touch in 2018? We would love to hear from you and who knows where it could lead? Whatever your plans for 2018 I wish you a Happy New Year and hope you continue to enjoy Embroidery magazine.

Jo Hall


Follow me on Twitter: @johalleditor

Full circle by Caroline Bartlett

On the Cover......Caroline Bartlett

Caroline Bartlett works beyond the surface of the textile, using it as a means to articulate ideas about historical, social and cultural associations and life's journey. Caroline says "I came to realise that it was in the physical tactility of surface that interested me, not just the visual appearance. ... I'm interested in the role museums , archives and historic sites play in determining individual and collective memories - or histories written, erased and overwritten". www.carolinebartlett.co.uk

AccessArt Village

Embroidery loves.............

These embroidered houses were made by children, teenagers and adults as part of the AccessArt Village, a creative collaborative project set up by AccessArt with support from Appletons Wool, which ran throughout 2017 and is now on tour at venues around the UK. www.accessart.org.uk/accessartvillage

Nuno Zuko Scarves

Preview - NunoZukoScarves

The four letters NUNO are catnip for textile lovers. Nuno make Japanese textiles at their most intriguing and best - so tactile and moreish. And, hurrah, there is a new exhibition of Nuno scarves at Ruthin Craft Gallery in Wales called "NunoZukoScarves" on until 27th January 2018. www.ruthincraftcentre.org.uk

A New Year a New Start

New Year Start - An A - Z of ideas and inspiration will get your creative juices flowing in 2018

Traditionally January is the month most associated with new beginnings. So what better time to try a fresh approach, establish new habits or push your practice further? Here's our A-Z of ideas and things to do to get your creative juices flowing. Happy New Year!

Nigel Cheney - Decorated

Reviews - Nigel Cheney - Decorated

Nigel Cheney's examination of the First World War as it impacted on his family and local history is, like the exhibition title, layered with multiple meanings. This work rewards repeat viewing with intricately devised pieces packed with carefully chosen imagery and fine details, subtle shifts between richly coloured embroideries, patchwork and applique, and more minimal digital prints with scant addition.

Soraya Abidin

Sensing Identity - Textile is the conduit by which artist Soraya Abidin connects to her forebears

Soraya Abidin is a textile artist based in Sydney, Australia, whose passion for textiles connects her directly to her forebears and the primitive and spiritual practices of her Malay cultural heritage. Soraya describes her making process as a vehicle to "move through the stages of understanding my identity... it is nostalgic in nature; the materials and activity I engage in are evoked responses from my sensory memory".

Pincushion Portrait - Emily Jo Gibbs

Collect 2018 - Emily Jo Gibbs exhibiting at Collect Open

Collect 2018 opens at the Saatchi Gallery 22-25 February. Textile makers showing alongside Emily in Collect Open are Forest + Found, Hannah Robson, Jilly Edwards and West Dean Tapestry Studio. Tickets from £16. www.collect2018.org.uk


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