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Embroidery July/August 2020July/August 2020 issue of Embroidery Magazine

In this issue......

Editor, Jo Hall, says:

We're not the biggest publication in the crafts sector. I am one of a team of two and we work hard to bring you the best magazine we can. So I'm delighted to say hello, not only to our existing readers but to welcome our new subscribers. Whilst several other stitch and craft magazines have decided to temporarily cease publishing due to Covid 19, we have carried on - not least because we want to champion the work of the wider community during these challenging times. I became Editor in 2003 and there was little acceptance of stitched textiles as an art medium back then. How times have changed; textile is currently one of the most potent, enigmatic materials, as Jennifer Harris writes on p52. But textile's sudden ascendancy and the art world's re-evaluation of everyday materials also chimes with wider trends within society. As austerity has taken hold over the last decade there has been a huge resurgence of interest in craft and other hand skills like knitting, dyeing and even self-sufficiency. This was all taking shape long before lockdown and shows no sign of abating. Art and craft offer people a sense of control not only over their own lives or their mental health but in the face of huge challenges within our society. I hope you will enjoy reading about the artists in this issue who in their individual ways speak to the value of this.

Jo Hall


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Rosalind Wyatt the Write Way

On the cover - Rosalind Wyatt - The Write Way

Rosalind Wyatt describes her expressive embroidery as writing with a needle as she captures the stories of folk past and present

Jeanette Appleton - Inside Out Inside In

Inside Out, Inside In

Jeanette Appleton's innovative approach to felt has established her as a pioneer of the medium

House of Print by Molly Mahon

Previews - House of Print by Molly Mahon

Molly brings alive the joyful exuberance of block print in her new book

Heather Evan Smith

The Storyteller's Art - Heather Evans Smith

Heather's photography is not only a love letter to her grandmother but a tribute to the female makers who taught us how to sew

Libbertine Vale - Life as a Stitchivist

Embroiderers' Guild Scholar Libbertine Vale - Life as a Stitchivist

Libbertine Vale's work is full of wonder but beneath the surface it packs a serious punch

Bridget Bailey Second Nature

Second Nature - Bridget Bailey

Bridget Bailey's hand built textile sculptures combine forensic observation with technical skill

Pantovala's Secret World

Pantovala's Secret World

Discover a creative world of enchanted textiles which summon magical dreamlands and myths


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