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May/June 2017 issue of Embroidery Magazine

Embroidery Magazine May/June 2017

In this issue......

Editor, Jo Hall, says:

Jo Hall, Editor. Follow me on Twitter: @johalleditor.

Spring is in the air and as a result I wanted to pack this issue with colour, seeking out makers whose work celebrates its influence, as well as those who have lived colourful lives (see Rachel-Kay Shuttleworth on p48). But as I dug deeper, I found another narrative emerging amongs our featured artists: although many followed formal training in art or design, most are self-taught embroiderers. They were motivated to learn the skills of the needle by passion alone and often later in life. We live in an age where life-long learning is now only a click of the mouse away and acquiring new skills is not solely confined to childhood or the classroom but belongs to the kind of autodidact who chooses what, how and where they will study on their own terms.

Tom Hickman (p28) added stumpwork to his artistic repertoire after coveting a 17th century stumpwork decorated mirror; Karen Barbe' (p20), Liz Payne (p14), Avinash Veeraraghavan (p32), Ellen Bell (p38) and Peter Crawley (p42) each enjoyed careers in design, to which they added their pursuit of embroidery as a chosen medium. We hope that you, like us take inspiration from their journeys and knowledge.

Jo Hall


Joy of stitch Liz Payne


Beads, sequins, paint, french knots and colour - lots of colour - ensure Liz Payne's artworks are joyously unforgettable. The Sydney-based artist explains her bold, bright, brilliant approach to embroidery. You have to respect an embroiderer whose wildest dream is to receive a commission that would allow h er to create a massive artwork 5 metres wide. What motivates this Australian artist? She is devoted to what can be a fairly lengthy series of processes that confirm her love of colour and the rich build-up of textures. Liz says "Sometimes pieces can take months to finish but each is one of a kind and completely stitched by hand, so it is a real labour of love for me. I've always been fascinated with the juxtaposition of bold, bright and colourful prints, shapes and form in my work as opposed to the slow, steady process of my choice of medium." See Liz Payne's website www.lizlpayne.com

Murat Vildiz I can't speak

Diary: What's happening in the textile world in May and June

The Select Festival in and around Stroud, Craft Council acquisition of Grayson Perry tapestries on display at New Brewery Arts, The Fifth Rijswijk Textile Biennial (see work left by MMurat Vildiz), Lace in Fashion at the Fashion Museum, and more.

Where is the line - AvinashVeeraraghavan

Embellishing Reality: The art of Avinash Veeraraghavan

Self-taught artist Avinash Veeraraghavan has worked in a range of mediums over the years but his captivating collage-like embroideries are the most personal yet. He works with artisans to create detailed textured densely embroidererd works which are a manifestation of the images, both real and imllusory, he encounters. The work shown on the left is entitled "Where is the line? which includes glass beads, sequins and thread on silk organza. The work recreates an intense dream of a man hiking through a forest. Avinash is represented by Galleryske in Bangalore, India. www.galleryske.com

Bags of Style

Bags of Style: Hand & Lock's range of one-off embellished handbags

Hand & Lock have collaborated with 13 luxury brands including Vivienne Westwood, Globetrotter, and Lulu Guinness to produce a range of one-off embellished handbags to raise funds for charity at an auction at Sotheby's in December 2017. Having been exhibited at the V & A the bags are now heading off for a tour of the USA and Australia. www.handembroidery.com

Line of Enquiry - Peter Crawley

Line of Enquiry: Peter Crawley's thread illustrations

Even as a child growing up in Norfolk, Peter Crawley had a passion for art and design. He graduated from the University of Northampton with a degree in Product Design eventually setting up as a freelance designer. Here he talks about his stitched illustrations which are attracting attention from major brands such as Motorola and Vanity Fair. The image left is part of an illustration for Catalyst magazine. www.petercrawley.co.uk

Colour Confidence - Karen Barbe'

Creating Colour Confidence: Karen Barbé

In 2007 Karen Barbé decided to leave behind the corporate worlds of fashion and graphic design and go it alone as a freelance designer. A year later she started a blog showcasing her unique take on embroidery, which soon attracted fans around the world. In her latest departure, her new book explores the art of creating beautiful colour palettes for contemporary embroidery. www,karenbarbe.com

Variations of a Stitched Cube - Richard McVetis

Making Time: the work of Richard McVetis

Richard McVetis is known for his meticulous drawings and embroidered objects. His palette - black seed stitch on cream wool is intentionally restrained but facilitates the exploration of medium, making and meaning. He lives in London and is a member of The 62 Group. He was a selected maker at t he Crafts Council Collect Open in February 2017 and finalist in the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2016. He will be leading an embroidery and mending workshop together with Celia Pym at Les Soeurs Anglaises in France this September. www.richardmcvetis.co.uk


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