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The Textile Society

The Textile Society is a unique forum for textile professionals and enthusiasts.

The Society promotes the study of textile disciplines and celebrates the history and culture of textiles, both traditional and contemporary.

Established in 1982 as an educational charity, the Society gives support to students, designers, historians and practitioners though its educational and professional awards.

The Society's Journal, TEXT is published annually. In addition, members receive three Newsletters a year with up to date news, events and exhibitions.

An important function of the Textile Society is to provide a forum for those engaged in various kinds of textile study through the Society's annual publication, TEXT. This contains articles, papers, educational reports and information on exhibitions and conferences. The magazine also features reviews as well as international news and comments concerning textile design and industry. Text is free to members of the Society. Please see the Textile Society website for more details.

Funds are raised by Antique Textile Fairs (ATF). The Manchester fair has been a key event in the textile collecting community's calendar for 20 years. This has been supplimented in recent years by a London fair. All proceeds help fund the Society's awards, bursaries and social activities including specialist study days, group visits and a yearly themed conference. The unique characteristic of the Textile Society's Fairs is the quality of the objects for sale and the informed and enthusiastic conversations with dealers who have been in the business for many years, Each year it never fails to inspire. The perennial Spring fair in Manchester is a firm favourite for enthusiasts interested in buying antique and vintage costumes and textiles to collect, wear or discover. The selection is vast with 130 stands selling oriental and eastern european costumes & textiles, english costumes and textiles, fans, lace and linens as well as plenty of vintage clothes and textiles.

The Collectors Group - an enthusiastic section of the Society - meets regularly to view private and behind-the-scenes public collections and to share skills and expertise.

For more information on the work of the Textile Society, events, visits and bursaries please go to their website

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