The BIG Stitch


DMClogo.jpg The Embroiderers' Guild works with galleries and museums to mount "Big Stitch" days or weekends. Previous events have been at the Ashmolean Museum in conjunction with the Oxford and Aylesbury Vale branches of the Guild in Oxford (2012 and 2014) and Perth - an event supported by the Arts Council, Scotland and the Scottish region of the Embroiderers' Guild.

These events are designed to introduce stitch and textile art to the wider public. The days include talks by leading textile artists, displays of work by local branches of the Guild, workshops, activities for all the family, drop-in desks where members of the Guild answer questions and help with stitching problems. There is an opportunity for everyone to add a stitch to the World's Longest Embroidery (over 650 metres in length). Up to 6000 people have attended a "Big Stitch" event in a single day!

If your museum or gallery would like to host a "Big Stitch" event please email

The Embroiderers' Guild in partnership with the Ashmolean Museum once again enjoyed a great success with the Big Stitch event held in October 2014. With support from DMC Creative World, we asked visitors to add their stitches on a piece of fabric in order to make our very own Ashmolean Sampler which, due to the amount of people taking part is still being joined together! The closing date for returning the entries was February 2015. Here are some of the squares we have received:

Big Stitch 2014/15 Big Stitch 2014/15
Marilyn Miller Debbie Beidleman Alison Snowden Carolyn Mogridge
Big Stitch 2014/15 Big Stitch 2014/15
Brenda Gollnast Frances Habbershaw Edith Gollnast Debbie Haglund
Big Stitch 2014/15 Big Stitch 2014/15
Angela Naisby Barbara Peake Judith Booth Amanda Robson
Big Stitch 2014/15 Big Stitch 2014/15
Joanna Sloley Mrs M Humphries |Jen Purslow Pamela Hickling
Big Stitch 2014/15 Big Stitch 2014/15
Debby Powell Franklin Mair Edwards Marian Rycroft
Big Stitch 2014/15
Elizabeth Weaver Jean Main
As soon as we know when the next Big Stitch will be we will post details on this website.
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