Frequently Asked Questions - Advice on your own Textiles

The Embroiderers' Guild often receives enquiries from members and the general public on a number of topics concerning a piece of embroidery or textile in their possession. Here are the most frequently asked questions and a guide to getting the help you need:

Q. Does the Embroiderers’ Guild give valuations?

A. No: the Embroiderers’ Guild is unable to give valuations

However there are a number of options:

  • The major auction houses, such as Christies in London offer free valuations. Tel: +44 (0)20 7839 9060
  • Local auction houses offer free valuations. They usually need to see the embroideries.
  • Specialist dealers may offer valuations.
  • If your embroideries are very old; 19th Century or older, we recommend a major auction house.

Q. Does the Embroiderers’ Guild offer advice on cleaning and conserving textiles?

A. No: The Embroiderers’ Guild does not have a conservation department and is unable to offer advice on cleaning textiles.

The options for this are:

  • For contemporary textiles, such as wedding dresses, you should contact a specialist dry cleaner

For pre 19th Century textiles:

Q. Does the Embroiderers’ Guild accept new pieces into the Collection?

A. We normally welcome the opportunity to add new pieces to the Collection but we regret that until the cataloguing following the move to Bucks County Museum has been completed, we are unable temporarily to accept new items. We expect this work to be completed by the end of June 2017 and would welcome enquiries thereafter.

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