Jane E. Hall

Jane E Hall"As an artist I have always drawn my inspiration form the natural world. Observing its detail and drama with a sense of wonder, I have sought to evolve and hone my artistic approach and technique to render the exquisite qualities that I perceive. Moreover, I continually aspire to share that ‘sense of wonder’, so pertinent to my creativity.

Jane E Hall Periwinkle Wood detailHaving shared this love of nature and creativity through my first book ‘Reflections of Nature’, I am delighted to have subsequently found myself evolving a body of work dedicated to my muse, the butterfly, the fruition of which completes my latest book; ‘The art of embroidered Butterflies’ published by Search Press

Jane E Hall Embroidered ButterfliesThe miraculous beauty of my subject has commanded great concentration artistically. Working entirely by hand I have employed painting, modeling and embroidery techniques to consider their closest detail. Working with the aid of magnification I have represented the minute scales, which adorn their wings, employing the finest of silk threads and delicate hand made embroidery needles. I have also carefully considered their beautiful and varied habitats; bluebell woods, summer meadows… even the secret corners of my garden shed. So too have I delighted in observing their miraculous life cycle; from egg to pupae to butterfly on the wing’, gathering in and nurturing countless hungry caterpillars from the field and watching their metamorphosis in awe."

Although Jane would now call herself "a fine artist who employs stitch", her original route to embroidery was craft rather than art-based. When small she sewed oak leaves together with pine needles and made little men out of acorns. She went on to study art at Bournemouth & Poole College of Art and Design and then embroidery at Loughborough College of Art and Design, where textile artist Margaret Hall-Townley encouraged her to focus her work on what she wanted to share with others - in essence an appreciation of nature.

Jane's latest endeavour is a conservation initiative The Case for Conservation in association with the Royal Entomological Society where she will be realising all 72 British species of butterfly, resting in place within an magnificent bespoke case made by a pre-eminent cabinet maker, "It is perhaps my greatest creative challenge to date but it wil undoubtedly be amongst the most rewarding with monies raised supporting the cause of nature conservation and particularly my beloved muse, the butterfly. Each butterfly worked to scale will be exacting to create. Working with the aid of magnification I consider their individual wing scales in 20 denier silk, using handmade needles to take the daintiest of stitches. I then articulate these wings onto modelled bodies, attaching fine crooked legs, antennae and proboscis. A single specimen can take upwards of two months to create.

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