Game of Thrones Project Contributors

The Hardhome EmbroideryHBO Home Entertainment TV Network UK representatives approached the Embroiderers' Guild towards the end of 2015 following a recommendation from someone who had seen the Embroiderers' Guild Magna Carta piece - An Embroidery. Their request was for a tapestry (their word) inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry but, in this case, depicting a scene from Series 5 of "Game of Thrones".

The Guild's newly appointed Artistic Director - Anthea Godfrey has led the project. The approach was, once again, to invite members from every region of the Embroiderers' Guild; the Royal School of Needlework, Hand & Lock and Fine Cell Work, to join us. Despite the extraordinarily tight timescale for completing the piece, all readily accepted our invitation. The first planning meeting took place just 36 hours after the invitations were issued, on 23 December 2015.

Immediately post-Christmas, the Regional Chairs of the Guild were emailed and asked to pass on details to members in their region, particularly those they thought might be interested. It was hoped that quick replies would be received from people who felt they could contribute. Happily there was an immediate response from all parts of the country.

The Piece

HBO wanted a stunning backdrop for their press launch announcing Series 5 and the latest DVD boxed set. The piece is in 4 panels, butted together to make an embroidery 5.5 metres long (approximately 18 ft) by 3.8 metres high (12ft 6in). This size was inclusive of an all-round 30cm border depicting the crests from the "Game of Thrones" families.

The Challenge

White Walker close upWhy would the Embroiderers' Guild accept such a challenging commission on such a tight timescale?

  • Game of Thrones is a worldwide TV show, known to hundreds of millions of viewers
  • The final piece would be photographed by over 150 journalists at the press launch; representing most of the UK news and lifestyle media. The press launch is on Friday 18th March at Central St Martins, Granary Square, London N1C 4AA.
  • HBO will give full and extensive credit to the project contributors and in particular the project leaders - The Embroiderers' Guild.
  • The Embroiderers' Guild will be free to publicise this project and our part in it at national, regional and branch level plus any formal press releases and supporting pictures.
  • This piece will amply demonstrate the artistry of stitch and set it into a context that would never have occurred to many and one that is an extreme contrast to our more expected contribution to the 300 year commemmorative Festival of Capability Brown.
  • Once the press launch is over the piece will go on tour. Venues have yet to be finalised but we can reasonably expect that tens or hundreds of thousands of people will see it - far exceeding anything we have achieved in the past but possibly being matched by the visitors to 44 Capability Brown exhibitions running this year.
  • The publicity will provide the opportunity for the Guild and its branches to invite people to become members and supporters of the only charity in the UK dedicated to ensuring the future of stitch and textile art.

The Embroiderers' Guild would like to thank the following contributors:

Members of the Embroiderers' Guild
Name Branch Region
Hilary Adams Wrekin West Midlands
Ruth Duffy Wrekin West Midlands
Kate Harrison Shrewsbury West Midlands
Jude Lovatt Wolverhampton West Midlands
Jo MacKay Leamington West Midlands
Deborah Philpott Solihull/Hinckley West Midlands
Sandra Humphries Stourbridge West Midlands
Carol Smith Worcester West Midlands
Hazel Alexander Aberdeen Scotland
Heather King Aberdeen Scotland
Muriel Campbell Glasgow Scotland
Colette Davis Ayrshire Scotland
Moira Dickson Dundee Scotland
Bea Neilson Dundee Scotland
Eileen Rumble Dundee Scotland
Kate Arnold Worcester East Midlands
Ann Carrick Richmond & Leyburn North East
Elaine Dunn Richmond & Leyburn North East
Fiona Duggan Ponteland North East
Veronica Illsley North Shields North East
Sarah McGeorge Durham North East
Susan Cheslin Hartlepool North East
Trish Stephenson Hartlepool North East
Marianne Charlesworth Waveney East
Jacqui Holmes Waveney East
Susan Cranwell Suffolk East East
Louisa Dowe Ipswich East
Rhiannon Gordon Kings Lynn East
Deb Mattysz Kings Lynn East
Carol Coleman York Yorkshire & Humberside
Pippa Foulds York Yorkshire & Humberside
Caroline Goodrick York Yorkshire & Humberside
Shirley Smith York Yorkshire & Humberside
Annette Collinge Woking (eve) South East
Jo Coombes Kingston South East
Karen Hodge Kingston South East
Sue Davidson Sevenoaks South East
Joan Hazell Isleworth & District South East
Jackie Rayer Isleworth & District South East
Sophy Johnson North Kent South East
Jill Mundy Worthing South East
Brenda Parsons Bromley South East
Sass Tetzlaff Individual
Catriona Charlton Individual
Liz Elvin Individual
Helen Sill Individual
Christine Avery Individual
Janet Jardine Embroiderers' Guild Staff
Louise Frazer-Jones Embroiderers' Guild Staff
Annie Franz Embroiderers' Guild Staff
Kirsten Blake Embroiderers' Guild Staff
Anthea Jeal Embroiderers' Guild Staff
Vicky Fieldgate Embroiderers' Guild Staff
Aina EG Collection Intern

The Royal School of Needlework

Susan Kay-Williams Director
Anne Butcher Workroom Manager
Angie Wyman BA Hons Course Leader
Gemma Murray Workroom
Sara Meanwell Workroom
Helen Stevens Workroom
Masako Newton Workroom
Alena Chenevix-Trench Workroom
Margaret Dier Workroom
Becky Quine Workroom
Kate Nolan Workroom
Rachel Doyle Workroom
Belinda Egginton Workroom
Amy Burt Workroom
Auburn Lucas Workroom
Sara-Jane Dennis Workroom
Helen Jones Workroom
Kate Barlow Workroom
Sarah Smith Workroom
Zinada Kazba Workroom
Sophie Malik Student
Clare Rase Student
Bryna Black Student
Emma Doggerton Student

Fine Cell Work - Jennie Ingham

Hand & Lock - Jessica Pile, Renee Lindell, Christine Avery, Michele Carragher (for dragon flies and moths)

and the following individuals:

Mark Warren and Alan Knowles (for the Frames)

and the Assembly and Admin Team:

Kirk Rutter, Angie Salfield, Buffy Fieldhouse, Helen Brown, Wendy Pigeon, Susan Pardo, Carol Cann, Liz Holliday, Jackie O'Malley.

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