London Bridge at Night by Miss Cowie 1936 Byzantium by Margaret Nicholson Cushion cover 19th Century
London Bridge by Night by Miss Cowie 1936 Byzantium by Margaret Nicholson Cushion Cover circa 19th Century

Collection Care Appeal

In 2016 the Board of Trustees of the Embroiderers’ Guild announced that it had found a long term ‘home’ for its unique collection of UK and international embroideries and textiles. Bucks County Museum Trust (BCMT) would provide storage, curatorial and conservation services for a period of 25 years. The agreement with BCMT would provide long term security and greater accessibility to members of the Guild, the wider stitch community and the general public.

Under this Agreement the EG Collection has been loaned to BCMT. It will remain the property of the Embroiderers’ Guild. The Agreement includes a permanent gallery for exhibitions of the EG Collection at Bucks County Museum. The gallery will be for the exclusive use of the Embroiderers’ Guild and will be known as the ‘Beryl Dean Gallery’, continuing the name adopted in Kings Road, Walton-on Thames in 2012.

In addition, further items from the EG Collection are available at the BCMT Resource Centre at Halton, near Aylesbury. The EG Folios and Library are also stored there and available to visitors. The Folios will continue to be available to Embroiderers’ Guild branches and Young Embroiderers’ Groups on request. BCMT agreed to provide this storage and care services at cost, however, this still required the Embroiderers’ Guild to raise £45,000 to cover the first two years. This amount included a detailed handover process.

An appeal was made to members of the Embroiderers' Guild to raise the funds necessary to meet these initial costs and the target £45,00 was reached at the end of 2017.

We are pleased to record our thanks and appreciation to the following members, branches and regions for their generous contributions:

Members - Joan Allan, Mary Anderson, Shirley Ashmead, Sheelagh Barker, Alison Barrett, Joy Bradshaw, Juliet Bryson, Lorraine Challis, Rowena Chinn, Helena Elizabeth Coffin, Pam Cooper, Kathy Cutting, Jenny Daniels, Margaret Davie, Alison Davies, Mr & Mrs Deag, Jacqueline Embers, Jane Fairweather, Denise Fergyson, Carole Garland, S D Garland, Edna Gibbs, Sally Giffen, Pauline Graham, Penny Hill, Margaret Howard, Catherine Howell, Pat Iles, Lesley Jones, Christina Keen, Heather King, Jane Kitto, Catherine Knight, Jo Lamb, Avril Lansdell, Jenni Last, in memory of Joan Leach, Victoria MacLeod, Sarah & Ian Macpherson, Bridget Marrow, Margaret McAlpine, Marguerita McBride, Shirley McKeand, Maria Medleycott, Terry Murphy, Bea Neilson, Ruth Neller, Grace Palmer, Jenny Parry, Cheryl Penna, Lorna Rand, Alison Rennie, Joanne Richards, Val Rowe, Jane Rylands, Fiona Shedden, E R E Smith, Ruth Smith, Diana Spencer, Christine Truluck, Fiona Turnbull, Diana Turner, Jean Usher, Anne Walden-Mills, Serena Watson, Ann Warren, Maria Wetherall, Ellyn Wilkinson, Sally Wilkinson.

Branches - Aberdeen, Airedale, Altrincham, Andover, Avalon, Aylesbury Vale, Ayrshire, Basingstoke, Birmingham, Blackmore Vale, Blackpool, Bristol, Cambridgeshire, Chelford and North Cheshire, Cheshire Borders & Chester, Chesterfield, Cotswold, Croydon, Cumberland, Derbyshire, Dorking, Dumfries, Dundee, Durham City, East Kent, Exeter, Frome, Galloway, Glossop, Grassington, Guisborough & District, Halifax, Hamilton, Hartlepool, Hertfordshire, Hexham, Huddersfield, Kings Lynn, Lancaster, Largs, Leamington, Leicestershire, Lichfield, Lincolnshire, Linlithgow, Lutterworth, Macclesfield, Maidstone, Manchester, Marches, Market Harborough, Marlborough (and Vernice Church), Newbury, North Nottinghamshire, North Wales, Oswestry & District, Oxford, Plymouth, Ponteland, Reading, Renfrewshire, Richmond & Leyburn, Scunthorpe, Skipton, South Cheshire, South Somerset, Stirling, Strathendrick, Stroud, Suffolk East, Trent & Erewash, Uttoxeter, Waveney, West Bridgford, Whitley Bay, Winchester, Windsor & Maidenhead, Wolverhampton, Worcester, Worthing Saturday, Worthing Tuesday.

Regions - Eastern, North West, Scottish, East Midlands, North East and South West

We are also grateful for a generous contribution from an independent stitch group - Chiltern Embroidery & Textile Group

A number of other members, branches and regions have also contributed but either wished to remain anonymous or have their name associated permanently with a piece from the Collection. Again we wish to record our thanks and appreciation.

To recognise and celebrate all contributions the Guild are creating two permanent mementoes. There were two choices available to contributors:

Have your name or the name of your organisation included in a permanent display of contributor’s names. This will include the gallery at Bucks County Museum for the exclusive use of the Embroiderers’ Guild, a listing on the Embroiderers’ Guild website and whenever possible will be included on information literature developed to inform visitors of exhibitions based on the EG Collection loaned to museums and galleries throughout the UK.

OPTION 2: Link your name to a piece from the Collection. The Guild will allocate your name to an item within the Collection that matches the category you nominate. Your name will appear on labels and stewards’ guides whenever the allocated piece is exhibited whether at Buck County Museum or at any touring or loaned exhibition. The Guild will take care to allocate contributor’s names to pieces most likely to be included in exhibitions.

Raised work clematis by Kay Dennis Chinese Pheasants early 20th Century Punto in Aria by Paddy Killer
Raised work by Kay Dennis Chinese Pheasants early 20th Century Punto in Aria by Paddy Killer
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