Beyond the Stitch

Line and ToneOur new course is “Beyond the Stitch” which takes us on to the next level. It is a longer course with twelve sessions. Below you will find details of content with some examples of existing work by our new graduates.

  1. How thread and fabric colours affect each other. Romanian stitch, buttonhole and lock stitch. Far more experimentation with stitches is expected at this level.
  2. Procion dyeing. Participants who feel they are familiar with this can opt to do an extended session 7
  3. Line and tone. Grading stitches from black to white. Extracting line drawings from an illustration and converting them to stitched samples. Straight line curves.
  4. A study of negative space. Woven and blanket stitch wheels. Stitch identification challenge.
  5. Low relief textures. Exploring paint effects on paper to use later in session 12 and melting plastics.
  6. Identifying different fabrics and textural manipulation. Faux chenille, pleating, layering and silk painting. Using painted Bondaweb.
  7. Painted backgrounds. Transfer dyeing including using resists.
  8. Experimenting with newer materials. Xpandaprint, Tyvek, embossing powders and plastic films.
  9. Raising the surface by padding. English and Italian quilting with Trapunto. Creating 3D surfaces.
  10. Applique, reverse applique, shadow work. Patterns for making 3D structures.
  11. Planning and researching the final project in depth and making up.
  12. Constructing a handmade book or folder to present the course sample.

work by Julia Fry and Jill CoatesThe cost for this course is £900/950 which can be paid in full, or by twelve instalments of £80. Please use the registration form download.

Please click on this link to download the Course Enrolment Form and Terms and Conditions

If you wish to pay by bank transfer:

Please send an email to for bank details and send a follow-up email when your payment has been made.

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