Into the record books - The World's Longest Embroidery

The World's Longest Embroidery

The Embroiderers’ Guild is an Educational Charity encouraging and promoting embroidery and textile art. To celebrate its Centenary the Guild launched the World’s Longest Embroidery. It measures 605.55 metres and can still be seen and added to at venues throughout the UK today. With the help of over 7000 participants of all ages and abilities, the Embroiderers' Guild set a new Guinness World Record.

The World's Longest EmbroideryThose taking part stitched themselves into history with fantastic results, signing and dating their contribution with the name of the country they belong to including New Zealand, Chile, USA, Romania, Denmark, Sri Lanka and China to name but a few.

It is great to see people, young and old, novice and experienced stitcher, sit down to start stitching and finding themselves completely absorbed. Many people have rediscovered or discovered a passion for the craft and have gone away, happy at taking part in this fun project.

The World's Longest EmbroideryThe embroidery travels round the UK visiting various shows and exhibitions, including the Knitting & Stitching Shows, where people are able to make their own stitched contribution, using threads, needles and scissors kindly donated by Coats Crafts (Anchor Threads).

You can add your own stitches to the Embroidery where it is on display. Here are some quick facts about the World's Longest Embroidery:

  • The Embroiderers’ Guild holds the record for the World’s Longest Embroidery.
  • It was started in 2003
  • The length is currently more than 605.55 metres (1,986.77 feet)
  • The fabric was woven at The National Trust’s Quarrybank Mill. They cut and over locked the fabric to the width you see in the images.
  • There were six original lengths of fabric which have to be joined together if the whole record is displayed and more lengths are being added.
  • Threads were donated by Coats Crafts UK
  • Over 7,000 participants took part in the original record which had to be a continuous line of stitching.
  • Since the record was achieved, many more participants have added stitches.
  • The lengths continue to travel around the country, promoting the Embroiderers’ Guild and introducing people to the pleasures of stitching.
  • Venues have included the Knit and Stitch show at Alexandra Palace and Harrogate and The British Museum

The World's Longest EmbroideryThe Embroiderers' Guild has now taken this initiative a step further by announcing the creation of the "World's Longest Embroidery for Schools". If your school wishes to take part in this exciting project please see the the WLE4S dedicated webpage which gives full details of how to participate World's Longest Embroidery for Schools

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