Guild Projects

The Embroiderers' Guild has run several "Guild Projects" for member participation and enjoyment. The finished pieces were exhibited at various events during the year of the project.

The projects are:

2018 - 100 Hearts War Stories/100 Hearts Donations

We invited Guild members to take part in the commemoration of the ending of WW1 a 100 years ago by producing one heart to remember a generation now lost to us. Each heart would be included in at least one exhibition and, ideally, the exhibition would be as near to their home location as possible. Over a period of seven months, the entire collection of over 650 Hearts, medals, and other textile pieces were seen by audiences from Aylesbury to London, Liverpool to Harrogate, and Norwich to Scotland. Over 300 of the Hearts produced have been donated for fund-raising - see the separate page on the left 100 Hearts Project.

2017 - Page 17

Page 17 is a specially created exhibition of textile artistry where each piece takes a book as its inspiration. The guidelines given the to members of the Embroiderers' Guild were that the piece of work they created should bear a relationship to a book. Any sort of book could be chosen - fiction, poetry, recipes, maps, catalogue, instruction manual - but the piece had to closely relate to the book. Any technique could be used and portray any image - the cover, the spine, the contents, index page, a page or pages, a paragraph or even a page ripped out. It could be done in any format - a panel, scroll, open pages, concertina but had to be mounted on or in an artist's canvas that could be hung on the wall.

World's Longest Embroidery & World's Longest Embroidery for Schools - ongoing

The Embroiderers’ Guild is an educational charity encouraging and promoting embroidery and textile art. To celebrate its Centenary the Guild launched the World’s Longest Embroidery. It measures 605.55 metres and can still be seen and added to at venues throughout the UK today. With the help of over 7000 participants of all ages and abilities, the Embroiderers' Guild set a new Guinness World Record.

We invite schools to take part in creating the World’s Longest Embroidery… for Schools¹. ¹For simplicity we refer to ‘schools’ but we appreciate they may be known as a school, college or academy.

Children and students of all ages and levels of ability can take part with a ‘needle and thread’. Teachers and support staff are also welcome to join in. We anticipate hundreds of schools in the UK, USA, Canda and Australia will help create this world record. The piece will also be extensively exhibited in the next 3 - 10 years.

HOME - our project for 2019

So, following our hugely successful Capability Brown (2016), Page 17 (2017) and 100 Hearts (2018) exhibitions, the project for 2019 was entitled “HOME”.

We invited our members to tell us what that word – HOME – means to them.

Is HOME the place they return to at the end of each day? A sanctuary – a place of warmth and respite away from the busy world outside? Is it the place to gather the family together around the dinner table and share talk of the day?

HOME should mean shelter and safety – but for some it is not. Many people now live on our streets as “homeless” – no roof at all, just a bundle of blankets which they hope will keep them warm, a few belongings in a carrier bag. The pavement can be a cold and lonely place.

What of the natural world..…. Creatures have an instinct to build a territory to which they can return – it is their HOME. Whilst we build more HOMEs for mankind, what are we doing to the natural habitat of the animal world?

The HOME pieces are on display at the Garioch Heritage Centre, Inverurie until 29th February 2020. After that they will be on display at the Sewing for Pleasure exhibition at the NEC from 19th - 22nd March 2020.

Mayflower 400

After many months of planning we have concluded that the Mayflower 400 project for 2019/20 would be unlikely to be the success we had anticipated. The project was based on our having three significant partners i.e. the Embroiderers' Guild of America, Embroiderers from the Leiden Textile Centre and the Mayflower 400 group of local authorities. For various reasons they have not been able to proceed. In the light of this we cannot guarantee a good platform for exhibiting members' work and therefore have reluctantly decided to cancel the Mayflower project.

This decision in no way precludes any branches deciding to use Mayflower 400 as a theme for a branch exhibition or activity. Indeed, we know that at least two branches are proceeding with their own projects and we wish them well and look forward to them sharing the outcome with all members later in 2020.

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