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War Stories commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War I

in association with SSAFA - The Armed Forces Charity (Wilts)

100 Hearts exhibition at Bucks County Museum

We invited Guild members to take part in the commemoration of the ending of WW1 a 100 years ago by producing one heart. Each heart would be included in at least one exhibition and, ideally, the exhibition would be as near to their home location as possible. Between 100 and 200 hearts were included in exhibitions at the 2018 Knitting & Stitching Shows, the NEC in 2019 and in other major venues throughout the UK.

Click on this You Tube link to see a video of the 100 Hearts Exhibition at the Knitting & Stitching Show - it really gives you a special view of the wonderful work of our members and the impact of the display


The last exhibition of 100 Hearts has now finished. We are delighted to say that, over a period of seven months, the entire collection of over 650 Hearts and medals were seen by audiences from Aylesbury to London, Liverpool to Harrogate, and Norwich to Scotland.

Each exhibition was of a different collection of Hearts, but the overall memories of all the exhibitions was that the stories they told were both poignant and deeply moving. Thank you to everyone who took part.

Over 300 members kindly donated their hearts to enable us to raise funds for the Guild. We are now ready to start this part of the project. Whilst the pieces were created to remember a generation now lost to us, there are many who still suffer from the trauma of warfare. Part of every donation made will go towards helping them heal, so please, make a donation to own a Heart that will not only be a memento of those unique exhibitions, but will go towards helping people rebuild their lives.


The images of donated Hearts are all available to view.

Each Heart is labelled with a unique reference number, the maker's name, and a code(s) showing where it was on display. Underneath you will see the title of the Heart and some brief information if available.

To see the images, please click on the sub-heading to the left of this page Select Your Heart.

You can also download and print these instructions here 100 HEARTS DONATED FOR FUND RAISING

Here is a quick guide to registering your donation

Take just 3 steps:

  • Select your heart, its reference number and maker's name
  • Decide the amount you wish to donate
  • Send us your name, contact details and selected heart details by 21st June 2019

and here are the full details:


As the images are labelled, you can search for a particular Heart by name (i.e. Jane Smith) or key word (i.e. VAD, artillery) or you can simply click through the Hearts to find ones that appeal to you.

To search, use the red search box as indicated below (see the top of this page, on the right hand side)


Click in the maroon-coloured search box and type in your search criteria (i.e. name or specific word).

Searching returns a list of the places where your criteria have been located. To see an image of the Heart, click on "Select your Heart, week xxx" and scroll through. If searching by keyword, your search may return more than one location.

If your search does not return with a location, that person's Heart may not yet have been uploaded. All images will be available after 1 June so please check back after that date.

If the search still does not return a location, that person's Heart has not been listed as a donation.


The images are available to view (in stages) from 1 May 2019. All Hearts will be on view from 1 to 21 June 2019. You can donate at any time between 1 May and 21 June 2019.

The final date for registering your donation is midnight 21 June 2019.


  • The minimum donation for any single Heart is £10.00
  • You can offer any sum you wish above £10.00
  • You can make a donation by email or by post

To donate by email:

  • To make an email donation, please send an email to 100hearts@embroiderersguild.com as follows. Please indicate "Donation" in the subject line and provide only the following information in the body of the email
  1. Heart reference number and maker's name
  2. The amount you wish to donate
  3. Name of donor (i.e. first and surname). If you do not have access to email and ask someone else to send a donation on your behalf, the sender must provide your name as the 'name of donor'
  • If you wish to offer a donation for more than one Heart, please send a separate email for each one
  • Each donation email will be logged and acknowledged by a standard email response

To donate by post:

  • To make a donation by post please send the information as requested above for email donations PLUS a contact telephone number
  • Donations should be sent first class post to Embroiderers' Guild, Bucks County Museum, Church Street, Aylesbury, Bucks HP20 2QP. Please write "100Hearts-D" on bottom left corner of envelope.
  • If you wish to offer a donation for more than one Heart, please include information on a separate sheet. However, you can send all sheets in one envelope.
  • Your donation will be logged and we will telephone you only to acknowledge receipt


If you want to increase your donation, you need to send a second, separate email (or a second postal donation if this is the method you originally used).

We cannot enter into any communication about the number of donations received or amounts offered for any particular piece.


Each Heart will be awarded to the highest donation offered.

After the closing date we will contact donors to let them know. Contact will be either by email or telephone. Instructions will be provided on how to make payment of the donation and we will also ask for a postal address.

Once the donation has been received, the Heart will be posted to you. We will also send you a copy of the page which was in the catalogue which will tell you the story behind the Heart as provided to us by the maker. It may also give other information relevant to the piece.


Guild members have made the 100 Hearts project a huge success. Please consider making a donation as a way of supporting and thanking your fellow-stitchers who took part. Please also spread the word – the donated Hearts are available to all and we would like this final part of the project to be as successful as the exhibitions themselves. This is a one-off opportunity to own a unique piece of work created to commemorate an anniversary that will not happen again.

6270 Forget Me Not

6270 Forget Me Not

6042 To Remember World War I, 1914-18

6042 Forget Me Not

6230 To Remember World War 1, 1914-18

6230 To Remember World War I, 1914-18

Please click on this link to download and print these instructions 100 HEARTS DONATED FOR FUNDRAISING

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