General Data Protection Regulation

This new Data Protection Legislation came into force on 25th May 2018. GDPR = General Data Protection Regulation. It comes from the EU and will apply to the UK despite Brexit. Indeed, the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) has indicated that it will be enshrined in UK law.

The new law requires us all to make changes in the way we manage personal data (Name/Address/Email/DoB/Telephone/Emails sent & received etc). This starts with being open and transparent when we ask for personal information. This transparency covers, among other things…

  • Information on why we need personal data (information)
  • Giving permission based on a clear explanation
  • How the information will be stored
  • Where it will be stored
  • Who will have access to it
  • How long it will be stored
  • Your right to review and change what is stored

On this final point members will not have to ask the Guild what information it has about them because they will be able to see this at any time. They can do so now by logging into the members' side of the Guild website and clicking on 'Your details & Password' at the foot of the MEMBERS' ROOM heading.

Under the GDPR Heading on the Members' side of the website there is also…

  • A more detailed briefing document for members.
  • A detailed briefing for branch and regional committees including prompts for recording current practice.
  • Guild policies on Privacy; Acceptable Use; Cookies; and Retention.
  • GDPR Personnel within the Guild. The people who have specific responsibilities and roles in relation to personal data.
  • A Q & A section. This will be updated regularly. Please refer to it before sending in a question.
Please click on this link (you will be asked to login as a member)
For those who are not members you can still view our policies on Privacy, Acceptable Usage and Cookies. Please click on the links below:
Embroiderers' Guild Privacy Policy
Embroiderers' Guild Cookies Policy
Embroiderers' Guild Acceptable Use Policy

The requirements of this legislation are clear but the detail of how it is implemented is not always clear. All organisations are on a steep learning curve. The Guild will be no exception. Please bear with us while we work on your behalf to fill in some of these grey areas.

Thank you.

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