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Renewing our Subscriptions to the Guild - A message from our President, Alice Kettle

Alice Kettle, President Embroiderers' GuildThe last few very challenging months have meant many of us have had more time for stitching, a time of immersion with ourselves and our sewing, and one that can result in something made for ourselves or for others. Lockdown has encouraged some amazing new stitching projects which contribute effectively to a time of isolation and separation. Some of us have been learning new skills and creating online spaces to come together and work collectively.

We all recognise the importance of stitching as a powerfully enduring creative activity. This time has also shown the value of the digital lens to share ideas, activities, and stories about making and stitching. I have been teaching my step-granddaughter to stitch beads and also working with individuals I have met through the internet to make a collective online quilt. The contributions have a sentiment that is determined and use a variety of intricate techniques and forceful imagery as an expression at a time of frustration but also self-reflection.

I have taken part in an online stitching festival of workshops, talks, discussions, and demonstrations and am working with school children and groups to make a huge textile hanging. The children worked with their teachers remotely to provide drawings for the stitching groups to interpret into stitch. The whole work has been made in separate sections by individuals which will be brought together to make a collective whole.

All these activities bring us together as a community and demonstrate the versatility and adaptability of stitching and embroidery, profoundly democratic, varied, and accessible whilst being extraordinarily expert, accomplished, and refined.

Let’s keep stitching!


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