Donated Hearts - 4

6701 Arthur Ridley

6701 Arthur Ridley

Piece created and donated especially for the fundraising appeal.

Machine stitched silhouette of soldiers. Mounted on triangular canvas.

Minimum donation £25

6702 Arthur Ridley

6702 Arthur Ridley

Piece created and donated especially for the fundraising appeal.

Machine stitched silhouette of soliders. Mounted on triangular canvas.

Minimum donation £25

6636 Sian Kibblewhite

6636 Sian Kibblewhite - William Edward Thompson

Medal stitched to commemorate a soldier of the Cheshire Regiment

6639 Pam Keeling

6639 Pam Keeling - White Poppies for Peace

Medal stitched in memory of the conscientious objectors and a war in which 17462 are said to have died

6640 Moira Dickson

6640 Moira Dickson - For All the Scottish Men and Women

6641 Jill Mundy

6641 Jill Mundy - For the Canary Girls

To remember the girls who worked in the munitions factories - their skin turned yellow from exposure to the TNT

6642 Lorna Pound

6642 Lorna Pound - Have You Forgotten Yet?

To remember Frank Spriggs of the York and Lancaster Regiment

6643 Helen Sill

6643 Helen Sill - Old Contempitbles

To remember soldiers of the 6th Cheshire Infantry

6644 Ruth Duffy

6644 Ruth Duffy - Royal irish Fusiliers

6486 Pam Kirk

6486 Pam Kirk - To Remember WW1, 1914-18

6496 Pauline Dunne

6496 Pauline Dunne - The Life Guards

To remember soldiers of the Life Guards (White Helmet Plumes), part of the Household Cavalry

6500 Sue Currell

6500 Sue Currell - Flanders 1915

Inspired by John McRae's poem and remembering Private W Webb of the First Wiltshire Regiment

6501 Jenny Butler

6501 Jenny Butler - In memmory of Edward King, Stoker

To remember the stokers who shovelled coal on the oil-fired vessels of WW1

6502 Helen Colling

6502 Helen Colling - In memory of James Hewitt

a Private of the South Staffordshissre Regiment

6503 Joy Bradshaw

6503 Joy Bradshaw - Peace

6504 Marion Brookes

6506 Jackie Usher - In Flanders Fields

Words taken from John McRae's poem, written after the death of his friend Alexis Helmer

6510 Christine Highnett

6510 Christine Highnett - Forget Me Not

6515 Marian Jackson

6515 Marion Jackson - Remembering Anzac

The Australian and New Zealand Infantry who fought, particularly at the horror of Gallipoli

6516 Lynn Yates

6516 Lynn yates - To Remember WW1, 1914-18

6517 Arthur Ridley

6517 Arthur Ridley - Joseph Charlton Liddell

To Remember the Ambulance Orderlies who went onto the battlefield to collect the wounded

6518 Barbara Holdhusen

6518 Barbara Holdhusen - Thankful

Catwick, Yorkshire - a village 'thankful#'' that all it's men returned from the war

6519 Lindsay Morrison

6519 Lindsay Morrison - Survived to be My Father

The motto of the Gordon Highlands - Bydand - "Stay and Fight"

6520 Elsi Prytherch

6520 Elsi Prytherch - To Remember WW1, 1914-18

Regimental badge of the Royal Welch Fusiliers

6522 Dee Nicholson

6522 Dee Nicholson - To Remember WW1, 1914-18

The cap badge of the Royal Marines

6574 Patricia Blincoe

6574 Patricia Blincoe - To Remember WW1, 1914-18

6525 Lisa Legate

6525 Lisa Legate - They Also Served

Remebering the many animals who served during the war

6529 Helen Elgar

6529 Helen Elgar - To Remember WW1, 1914-18

Remembering the young men, aged only 18, who joined the Royal Flying Corps

6533 Jacqueline Barber

6533 Jacqueline Barber - To Remember WW1, 1914-18

to remember soldiers of the Yorkshire Regiment

6534 Anne Hellyer

6534 Anne Hellyer - To Remember WW1, 1914-18

Inspired by "Blood Swept Lands" display of ceramic poppies at the Tower of London

6535 Kirsten yeates

6535 Kirsten Yeates - A Foreign Field

To remember those buried on foreign soil. Title is a quote from Rupert Brookes poem

6536 Rowena Brownlee

6536 Rowena Brownlee - Cameron Highlanders 2nd Battalion

6541 Rosalind Barker

6541 Rosalind Barker - The Hospital Ship

Remembering the surgeons of the Royal Naval Voluntary Reserve who worked aboard hospital ships

6542 Jo Bostock

6542 Jo Bostick - These Women are Doing Their Bit

Remembering the women who stepped forward to keep the nation working while the men were away

6543 Catherine Brooks

6543 Catherine Brooks - Until the 12th of Never

Words used in love letters

6545 Jane Bayes

6545 Jane Bayes - The Stretcher Bearers

To remember the men who carried the wounded, often at great risk to themselves

6550 Linda Edwards

6550 Linda Edwards - Co-incidences

6551 Dagmar Waller

6551 Dagmar Waller - Newfoundland

Remembering soldiers of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment

6554 Hilary Small

6554 Hilary Small - To Remember WW1, 1914-18

6557 Rowena Barnet

6557 Rowena Barnet - 11th Battlion Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

The French memorial to the Scottish divisions at Buzancy reads "Here for ever shall flourish, amid the roses of France, the glorious thistle of Scotland"

6560 Vivienne Middleton

6560 Vivienne Middleton - Royal Flying Corps

6561 Hilma Jones

6561 Hilma Jones - Frank Barr

Sometimes only the name is known......

6562 Deborah Phillpott

6562 Deborah Phillpott - The Leicester Regiment

The Regimental mascot is a tiger

6563 Sue Stanley

6563 Sue Stanley - The Remember WW1, 1914-18

6565 Jean Littlejohn

6565 Jean Littlejohn - And Night Shall Fold Him in Soft Wings

words from the poem "Into Battle" by Julian Grenfell

6566 Patsy Fernandez

6566 Patsy Fernandez - Home at Last

6567 Lesley Sapsford

6567 Lesley Sapsford - Air Raids 1914-18

London was an obvious target during the bombings of WW1

6573 Audrey Tweed

6573 Audrey Tweed - Three Facets of Conflict

Sacrifices of all three services - Army, Navy and Airforce

6575 Elizabeth Johnston

6575 Elizabeth Johnston - Lest We Forget

apologies - cannot get this image to rotate !!

6576 Anita Wood-Heath

6576 Anita Wood-Heath - To Remember WW1, 1914-18

6578 Johan Lochridge

6578 Johan Lochridge - Colours

Inspired by ribbons of the war medals

6579 Lynn Brown

6579 Lynn Brown - We Will Remember Them

6583 Michaela Matza

6583 Michaela Matza - In Memory of Private John Henry Jenkins

Remembering the Royal Fusiliers

6585 Shelagh Dyson

6585 Shelagh Dyson - Forever in our Hearts

So many died at the young age of 21

6586 Kate Thorpe

6586 Kate Thorpe - RAF 100

6587 Jan Beaney

6587 Jan Beaney - Remember with Love

6588 Linda Danby

6588 Linda Danby - In Memory of Cp. Herbert Cook

Soldier of the Yorkshire Regiment

6590 Carrie Archer

6590 Carrie Archer - In Memory of Elsie Knocker

Motorcyclist, nurse and frontline heroine

6591 Christine Britton

6591 Christine Britton - Poppy Appeal

6592 Carol Grimston

6592 Carol Grimston - Morris John Smith

6596 Jane Rodgers

6596 Jane Rodgers - To Remember WW1, 1914-18

6597 Isabel Cunningham

6597 Isabel Cunningham - From Your Loving Son

6601 Pat Jarvis

6601 Pat Jarvis - Deeply Regret to Inform You

the heartbreaking words received by telegram.....

6604 Karen Murray

6604 Karen Murray

6607 Anne Stark

6607 Anne Stark - To Remember WW1, 1914-18

Remembering soldiers of the Royal Hussars

6608 Therese Higgins

6608 Therese Higgins - In Memory of my French and English Family Members

6609 Joan McQuillan

6609 Joan McQuillan - Forget Me Not

Lines from the Laurence Binyon poem "For the Fallen"

6618 Carol-Ann Conway

6618 Carol-Ann Conway - 5878 Light Bobs

The Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

6620 Pauline Kimber

6620 Pauline Kimber - In Memory of Leonard Savage

6623 Tracey Robinson

6623 Tracy Robinson - Beaumont Hamel

To remember the loss of so many men from such a small island

6624 Polly Litchfield

6624 Polly Litchfield - To Remember WW1, 1914-18

In memory of John Frederick Moore, an officer who would not carry arms - instead, he brandished an umbrella as he went into battle

6631 Helen Sill

6631 Helen Sill - Forget Me Not

6633 Gale Tarnopolski

6633 Gale Tarnopolski - 100 Years Past, Always Remember

6656 Kate Baker-Brown

6656 Kate Baker-Brown - Marigolds

Inspired by Robert Graves' poem. Used natural dyes and colours

6658 Anita Preece

6658 Anita Preece - The Making of the RAF

6661 Ruth Smith

6661 Ruth Smith - To Remember WW1, 1914-18

6663 Joy Hamer

6663 Joy Hamer - In Memory of the Royal Welch Fusiliers

in particular, the men of Newtown

6668 Sylvia Owen

6668 Sylvia Owen - Forget me Not

6671 Rita Bell

6671 Rita Bell - Sincerity

6672 Janice McLawrence

6672 Janice McLawrence - To Remember WW1, 1914-18

6675 Mary Bramble

6675 Mary Bramble - To Remember WW1, 1914-18

6676 Laura Horner

6676 Laura Horner - When One Life is Lost.....

6677 Lynn Bennett

6677 Lynn Bennett - Remembering One of the 72,396 missing

Inspired by Shrouds of the Somme exhibition and remembering all those lost in battles of the Somme

6678 Dee Priest

6678 Dee Priest - Forget me Not

6679 Nicky Peterkin

6679 Nicky Peterkin - Faceless Angel

6683 Gillian Arkley

6683 Gillian Arkley - Patched Up

Remebering the VAD nurses, and in particular Vera Britten

6685 Alex Messenger

6685 Alex Messenger - Misjudged

in memory of those who chose not to fight and suffered prejudice and misunderstanding by others

6686 Alex Messenger

6686 unnamed - Over the Top

In memory of 1 July 1916

6687 unnamed

6687 unnamed - 16,000 said "No"

in memory of the conscientious objectors

6703 Alex Messenger

6703 unnamed - Forget Me Not

donation piece only made with real, pressed forget me not flowers

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