100 Hearts Project

100 Hearts

100 Hearts Project

In 2018 members of the Embroiderers’ Guild stitched over 600 hearts as part of a project to mark the 100 years since the end of WW 1 hostilities. Over 300 members of the Embroiderers’ Guild kindly gave us their embroidered hearts to enable us to raise funds for the Guild and SSAFA.

100 HeartsOne of our members - Catherine Hill - filmed the 100 Hearts Exhibition at the Knitting & Stitching Show and has very kindly given us permission to include the link to her YouTube video for all to see. You can really see the wonderful work that has gone into each heart in this impactful project. Click on the link to be enthralled:


We are delighted to say that, over a period of seven months, the entire collection of over 650 Hearts and medals were seen by audiences from Aylesbury to London, Liverpool to Harrogate, and Norwich to Scotland.

Each exhibition was of a different collection of Hearts, but the overall memories of all the exhibitions were that the stories they told were both poignant and deeply moving. Thank you to everyone who took part.

Over 300 members kindly donated their hearts to enable us to raise funds for the Guild. Whilst the pieces were created to remember a generation now lost to us, there are many who still suffer from the trauma of warfare. Part of every donation made will be going towards helping them heal and to helping people rebuild their lives.

100 Hearts Sneak PeekFor another chance to see our special E-Book "The 100 Hearts Sneak Peek" please click on this link.

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