Meet Marian Jazmik at the Knitting and Stitching show on the 17th of October.

Visit the Knitting and Stitching Shows on the 9th October (in Harrogate) to meet Marian and pick-up a signed copy of her book.

Walking both at home and abroad has provided Marian with a wealth of inspirational material from the natural environment. Images, initially captured on her smart phone, are manipulated to create ‘macro’ textural images which she translates into her original textile art.  Marian has developed a range of original textile techniques using various heat treatments including the hot air gun, soldering iron and the naked flame, in order to develop her highly textured art

In this inspirational and practical guide, Marian reveaks the secrets of her beautifully textured and sculptural embroidered pieces, from initial photograph to finished piece.  She explores a number of techniques – manipulating images to show microscopic detail; translating them in to 3d work; dyeing, printing and painting, using hand and machine embroidery alongside the heat gun and soldering iron.

We will have 6 pieces of Marian’s work from her ‘Erosion’ series on display.  She also has a piece as part of the 62 Group display.

‘Erosion’, a series of 6 textile art sculptures inspired by my collection of pieces of rock and pebbles collected whilst travelling. Many are broken fragments and show signs of decay, weathering and growth of other natural forms such as lichen, grasses and algae. The pieces have been created from dyed and heat-treated fabrics using a variety of heat tools and a number of mixed materials found in the home which would otherwise be discarded and end up in landfill.

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