Meet our Scholars and Graduates

Featured image: The Embroiderers’ Guild Tartan, designed by Emma Wilkinson

We have approached some of our Guild Scholars and Graduates, asking if they would provide us with a short video about themselves, their work, and how the Guild has supported them.

The first of these videos was showcased – in part – at the Guild AGM in 2023.

We are pleased to provide the full length version of the video here.

Meet Emma Wilkinson:

Emma was a Guild Graduate on 2018, and went on to become a Guild Scholar in 2019

Thank you, Emma for being the first to contribute to this page!

Our second video showcases the work of a textile artist who was a Guild Scholar in 2006.

Meet james huntings:

 Please note that this informal video was made on a handheld phone. There are some images of male nudity.