National Days, Awareness Days, Colours & Flowers of the Month

New Guild Project 2021

Looking for some inspiration for yourself or your group?

Many charities and medical conditions have their own awareness days. Why not create a piece to celebrate them and raise awareness of their cause? Celebrate human life or wildlife across the globe. Raise awareness of inequalities or successes. There are also days associated with world religions and beliefs. Below are just some of the many ‘national days’ that may inspire you to do a stitched or mixed media piece. There is no deadline or restriction on how many pieces you do, or which day you wish to celebrate. You can do the pieces as an individual or use the idea as inspiration for your group. You do whatever takes your fancy, whenever you wish!

Maybe you would prefer to do a piece based on the colours and/or flowers of the month. Whatever you do – we’d like to see it and share it. Take a picture of the full piece against a plain white background and email it to, with your name and the name of your Stitch Group if you belong to one. We will show these as an on-line gallery on the Guild website.


The colours of the month are orange, red and light green

The flowers of the month are Gladioli and Poppy

International Cat Day (8 August)

National Allotments Week (9 -15 August)

Afternoon Tea Week (9 - 15 August)

St Clare of Assisi Feast Day – patron saint of Embroiderers’ (11 August)

International Lefthanders Day - how abstract is a piece done with your ‘other hand’? (13 August)

World Water Week (23-28 August)


'Contemplation' by Gudrun Schwellenbach / Members' Challenge 2018.

Some inspiration for World Water Week!


Piece by Anthea Walsh for EG Page 17 Project / Inspired by Kurt Vonnegut's 'Galapagos'

Some inspiration for International Literacy Day!


The colours of the month are brown and deep blue

The flowers of the month are Aster and Morning Glory

National Organic Month

International Literacy Day - can you imagine a life without books?? (8 Sept)

International Day of Peace (21 Sept)

Autumn Equinox (22 Sept)