National Days, Awareness Days, Colours & Flowers of the Month

New Guild Project 2021

Looking for some inspiration for yourself or your group?

Many charities and medical conditions have their own awareness days. Why not create a piece to celebrate them and raise awareness of their cause? Celebrate human life or wildlife across the globe. Raise awareness of inequalities or successes. There are also days associated with world religions and beliefs. Below are just some of the many ‘national days’ that may inspire you to do a stitched or mixed media piece. There is no deadline or restriction on how many pieces you do, or which day you wish to celebrate. You can do the pieces as an individual or use the idea as inspiration for your group. You do whatever takes your fancy, whenever you wish!

Maybe you would prefer to do a piece based on the colours and/or flowers of the month. Whatever you do – we’d like to see it and share it. Take a picture of the full piece against a plain white background and email it to, with your name and the name of your Stitch Group if you belong to one. We will show these as an on-line gallery on the Guild website.

Chris Smith - Capability Brown Project - 2016


The colours of the month are light blue, white and cream

The flower of the month is Rose

Gardening Wildlife Week (31st May - 6th June)

World Environment day (5th June)

World Oceans day (8th June)

Father’s Day (21st June)

National writing day (24th June)

World blood donor day (14th June)

World Refugee week (14th - 20th June)

Wallace & Gromit's Wrong Trousers Day (24th June)

Children’s Art Week (29th June - 19th July)


The colours of the month are green, russet and red

The flowers of the month are Delphinium, Larkspur and Water Lily

Children’s Art Week (28th June - 18th July)

World Population Day (11th July)

Festival of British Archaeology (17th of July - 1st Aug)

Love Parks Week (12th July - 21st July)

World Emoji Day (17th July)

National Marine Week (25th July - 5th August)

Marian Hall - Reasons to be Thankful: Thank You NHS project - 2020/21