Page 17

Page 17 was a specially created exhibition of textile artistry inn 2017 where each piece took a book as its inspiration. The guidelines given the to members of the Embroiderers’ Guild were that the piece of work they created should bear a relationship to a book. Any sort of book could be chosen – fiction, poetry, recipes, maps, catalogue, instruction manual – but the piece had to closely relate to the book. Any technique could be used and portray any image – the cover, the spine, the contents, index page, a page or pages, a paragraph or even a page ripped out. It could be done in any format – a panel, scroll, open pages, concertina but had to be mounted on or in an artist’s canvas that could be hung on the wall.

Using colour and form, design and texture, members created works which span the contemporary, the literal and the symbolic.

Deborah Phillpott
Loetitia Gibier
Anthea Walsh