Olympic Postcard Archive

‘Stitching a Welcome to Athletes of the World’

A tribute in stitch by members of the Embroiderers’ Guild

To welcome the athletes from around the world the Embroiderers’ Guild produced a spectacular tribute in stitch by creating nearly 3000 embroidered postcard sized images depicting the life and times of over two hundred sporting nations.

Each country was represented by a series of postcards opening out like a concertina book. From the national flag at the top there is a cascade of embroidered images of national costume, customs, currency, fauna, flora, food, and landmarks. The skills and creativity of the Embroiderers’ Guild members shine through with the wide variety of materials and techniques used to develop their design ideas. Cards were stitched by members with various levels of stitching experience. Others were created by our Young Embroiderers.

We have photographed all 3000 of the Olympic Postcards many of which will be made available on our brand new website which is currently in development but while we wait, please enjoy this slideshow of extracts from our archive! Just use the red arrows to flick through the images.

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