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Jill Kipnis

The Heroes Quilt Project

May 10th 2022

Jill Kipnis talked about creating an historical piece that records people’s feelings during the Covid-19 crisis through stitch.

The recording will be available soon

Lynne Stein

Shedding the Shackles: Women’s Empowerment Through Craft

Lynne Stein discussed Shedding the Shackles, sharing extracts from her book and a selection of objects featured within.

April 13th 2022

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Alice Fox


Alice Fox described her practice and how she uses her allotment as her focus, both for creative inspiration and as a source of materials.

March 29th 2022

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Anne Brooke from H-anne-Made

#fortheloveofstitch is the story of Anne’s journey into her accidental career, the development of sew4thesoul and the #52tagshannemade project

February 10th 2022

More details & tickets to the recording (only available until May 19th, 2022)

Jane Austen Embroidery Projects

Alison Larkin

Serendipity: Austen, Embroidery and the Lady’s Magazine

Alison Larkin explored the story of the book “Jane Austen Embroidery”, and the happy accidents that led to her collaboration with Professor Jennie Batchelor on this fascinating project.

January 29th 2022

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Lucy Adlington

Sewing to Survive – The Dressmakers of Auschwitz

Lucy Adlington discussed her new book “The Dressmakers of Auschwitz” with a special focus on the beauty and ingenuity of 1940s needlework

December 9th 2021

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Richard Box

Richard’s Adventures in Painting and Embroidery

November 27th 2021

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Maria Wigley

My Practice: Connecting Embroidery with Other Mediums

October 14th 2021

Ninya Mikhaila

Stitches in Time: Reconstructing the Jupon of the Black Prince

September 29th 2021

Angie Hughes

Creative Icebreaking

Angie explained how she begins a project and works through solving problems, researching and experimenting with materials and ideas, looking at books and Artists that inspire….

September 18th 2021

Nicky Barfoot

Creating Personal Imagery through Curiosity, Experimentation and Play

Nicky invited us into her process of staying creatively curious which, while disciplined in its execution, is playful at its heart. She shared how imagery and ideas for her textile work come through drawing, painting, printing and other artistic media to give those looking to find their own style, ideas on how they might start exploring their personal vision of creatively different

August 21st 2021