The Guild project for 2019 was entitled “HOME”.

We invited our members to tell us what that word – HOME – means to them.

Is HOME the place they return to at the end of each day? A sanctuary – a place of warmth and respite away from the busy world outside? Is it the place to gather the family together around the dinner table and share talk of the day?

HOME should mean shelter and safety – but for some it is not. Many people now live on our streets as “homeless” – no roof at all, just a bundle of blankets which they hope will keep them warm, a few belongings in a carrier bag. The pavement can be a cold and lonely place.

What of the natural world..…. Creatures have an instinct to build a territory to which they can return – it is their HOME. Whilst we build more HOMEs for mankind, what are we doing to the natural habitat of the animal world?

Exhibitions of HOME were suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. .

Work by Nikki Parminter