Vintage Motifs – Modern Woman’s book of Transfers

It is unclear if the Magazine that published this book of transfers is a direct predecessor of the current ‘Modern Woman’ or not. However, back in November 1933, a magazine of that name gave away this small book of transfers.

There are six pages, covering a range of subjects, including some small motifs suitable for children’s wear or nursery items. The picture on the cover is rather charming!

Note: These are old transfers, and they inevitably show some signs of damage and deterioration. Work has been done on the images to improve their clarity, but some areas may be faint, or slightly smudged.

These particular transfers seem to have survived in a better condition than some – but that may be due to them being protected by being in booklet form.

The first image is the cover to the booklet. The six motifs follow – note that most of the pages are numbered, illustrating the orientation of each page.

The following images are copyright free, and can be downloaded without restrictions.

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