News about the Olympic Postcard Project (Athletes of the World)

The Guild Collection, as you may know, is housed at Halton.  When we first moved there the shelves and racking were filled and the Olympic Postcards themselves were stored in a very large, heavy box along with the metal frames to display them.

As more pieces have been donated and accessioned into the Collection we were asked to re-assess and re-organise our storage space.  Regretfully, it was decided that the Olympic Postcards box could not safely put it on shelving and there was no other space where it could be accommodated.  We therefore investigated finding it a new home and were pleased when the National Needlework Archive expressed an interest and it is now with them.  We did consider returning the pieces to members but logistically this was not possible.

For more about the National Needlework Archive, visit their website.

One thought on “Olympic Postcards

  1. I am glad you have been able to find a good home.
    A wonderful place which also houses Beryl Dean’s almost 3 dimensional Panel
    “The Country Wife”.
    Groups should make an effort to visit National Needle Work Archive which is near

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