Digitisation Update – Looking back on 2023

Over the past 3 months we have managed 23 photography days and photographed 554 items from our collection. Anne will be working over the next few weeks to prepare the photos for uploading to an art collection website, as well as producing a summary report for trustees on the pilot, including lessons learnt and plans for next phases as we have dates scheduled to the end of March 2024.

Item 500 was a beautiful carousel horse made by Jane Lemon and was a lovely item for a significant milestone in the project. (See featured image, and below).

Positioning the horse ready for photography

A couple of other behind the scenes photos are Anthea and Ian planning the shooting of the Norman Hartnell Christmas cards (See the Guild News Christmas message for the video) …

Discussing how to film the video

… and a photo of the “supporting cast” of items we’ve used to get the best from those 554 items. Two heads for various hats and caps, a small mannequin, perfect for children’s clothes, a full size mannequin for dresses etc and a felt ball on a stand that was the perfect height for supporting tea cosies.

Supporting cast!

Are you interested in helping us?

We need people to check the photos before we launch the collection on a website. You can do this work remotely providing you have a device you can access the internet on e.g. tablet or computer and reasonable broadband speed as these are large files to open. (A phone isn’t suitable). Please get in touch via receptionist email address for more details if you are interested.

Anne Haigh, Trustee

Please note these photos are copyright of the Embroiderers’ Guild and must not be shared, copied or used in any way without express permission of the Embroiderers’ Guild.

For details of the project, see our earlier news post: Digitising the Embroiderer’s Guild Collection

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